June 9th, 2021
Resort 2022

Partow, Please

Heather Clawson asked me recently if I like the line Partow. Even though I’ve only posted on it twice, I do in fact like Nellie Partow’s designs a lot. And, the Resort 2022 collection has some beautiful come-out-of-hiding looks.


what's new


The Heidi cable-knit wool cardigan


Double-breasted virgin wool-twill coat


Patchwork Fair Isle-intarsia wool sweater


Gucci Horsebit 1955 small bag


Belted wool-twill jacket


Hooded virgin-wool duffel coat


Belted distressed denim jacket


Hooded velvet cape


Hooded wool duffle coat


Cashmere sweater


Cotton-blend minidress


Longline virgin-wool tunic

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  • I’ve never looked at this line, but this chic pink dress inspired me to! The knits look wonderful as well, especially the knife pleat skirts. Do you know where Partow is made?

    PaulaJune 9th, 2021  11:36 PM

  • Bold, interesting, wearable. Particularly like the ivory stitched jacket. Iā€™d also never heard of them so thank you.

    SueMJune 10th, 2021  8:38 AM

  • This pink dress is gorgeous, very Jackie O and the plain choker makes it!

    SusanJune 10th, 2021  8:59 AM

  • Thanks for the shout out! I love that pink dress!

    Habitually ChicJune 10th, 2021  2:53 PM

  • CHIC!!!!!

    AmandaJune 10th, 2021  3:22 PM

  • Love her, because is she is Persian-American and have to cheer for my compatriot! Aside from that Her designs are so chic and refined.

    ameeJune 11th, 2021  11:27 AM

  • Very chic. Choker makes it look modern.

    Julie AnnJune 12th, 2021  7:35 AM

  • Dear Paula: “Faced with delays in Italy, when most of her collection is produced” would indicate Italy, based on my experience some in Italy, rest in Far East. Manufacturers know that people are more conscious and for certain prices demand certain quality but they also know that even if you want very much, you are practically not able to prove place of production. Paradoxically made in China was not that bad when one compares to this what is now-India and Bangladesh. I used to buy RL basics and stopped 2 or 3 years ago. The one made in China kept quality, the new destinations mentioned above is few times use.

    IsabelJune 13th, 2021  2:28 AM

  • Isabel, thank you for this helpful information. We should have all pursued sewing & dressmaking! : )

    PaulaJune 13th, 2021  4:50 PM

  • I will leave it with professionals, there are still enough tailors and excellent fabrics manufacturers in Europe:)

    IsabelJune 18th, 2021  11:50 AM


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