June 30th, 2021
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Dark Denim Dilemma

This aRossGirl skirt is my preferred cut (A-line, to the knee), but I always get hung up on how to style dark denim. I have one skirt — an old APC in raw denim — that is perfect, but it just hangs in my closet. I’ve faded and softened it a bit by soaking in pool water (ours is salt) and leaving it in the sun. Regardless, styling it is still a challenge. Today I’m test-driving a version of the look above. To be continued.

Bag, sandals.


What's New


Caged satin minaudière


Wool-crepe strapless top


Vokayo high-rise straight-leg jeans


Garcon suede loafers


Laser-engraved logo belt


Belted leather biker jacket

Jil Sander

Gathered Knit Midi Dress


Cropped leather jacket


Triple Francois 18kt gold vermeil earrings


Jimmy Leather Puffer Jacket


Le 57 quilted leather shoulder bag


Belted wool blazer


Blade velvet slingback pumps


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Logo-embellished leather loafers


Crocheted Cotton-Blend Midi Skirt

  • You are well on your way! I also find when wearing pieces similar to the above – 1-3 lightweight necklaces, and/or small, simple earrings, and/or a simple link bracelet or single bangle helps add some minimal polish, but not bling to pulling it together. Also great shades and even a white/ivory straw fedora or bucket hat if out in the sun. Lastly subtle nail polish or buffed nails and a great pedicure add a quiet, polished note. CBK is always a great reference to pulling together a white blouse w/a simple bottom. Enjoy your beautiful pieces! Thank you always for your great posts.

    Lisa FJune 30th, 2021  9:30 AM

  • So crisp and cool looking! But don’t you worry about indigo pigment depositing after rubbing against your white bag? Lordy, I am such a fretter, but it did happen to me with a pale bucket bag year ago RIP

    LizaJune 30th, 2021  9:55 AM

  • So UES!

    TracyJune 30th, 2021  9:56 AM

  • I love the sharp contrast of black and stark white against the dark denim. The dark denim is a strong statement and is complimented by the other strong colors.

    AprilJune 30th, 2021  9:58 AM

  • It would look great on you in the fall with a brown pullover and boots. Navy and brown- so beautiful together. Especially with your long blonde hair.

    GigiJune 30th, 2021  11:00 AM

  • Sorry Preston, is your bugaboo that it’s so stiff and hangs like a bell? I’m assuming so because the outfit is perfect. I give mine a few good whacks against an outside wall. Sounds crazy but works for me.

    SueMJune 30th, 2021  11:08 AM

  • Sorry, I wasn’t very clear — the color is my bugaboo. I put it in the pool/sun to fade and soften the denim and changed it in the post.

    PrestonJune 30th, 2021  11:10 AM

  • Great look except the risk of color rub off on the darker denim. I style mine with white or blue shirts and blue bags.

    MMSJune 30th, 2021  11:57 AM

  • I love dark denim and I love the cut of that skirt!
    Personally I love dark denim with navy, with stripes, with a soft chambray, a little ivory cashmere tank, or a crisp white shirt, as you have styled it here.

    ErinJune 30th, 2021  12:06 PM

  • Agree with Gigi! Dark navy and brown are fabulous together!

    SusanJune 30th, 2021  12:11 PM

  • I love this look and find it extremely versatile. I wear this combination often and also add in any shade of brown sandal. Also great with a variety of light and dark t-shirts, blouses and ALWAYS with stripes! And I love my old Japanese denim skirt from APC….might add this one to my collection – looks great!

    My look would be to add either a strong nice earring OR chain, bracelet….great thing is we are all enjoy different things!

    Ellen MarieJune 30th, 2021  1:17 PM

  • I love dark denim, especially with black accessories. The white shirt looks great, I worry about the white bag. I actually choose black leather in my cars now, dark denim will rub off on your seats!

    SarahJune 30th, 2021  1:56 PM

  • I bought the APC skirt several years ago on your recommendation. I loved the crisp texture and color. Alas, it no longer fits, so I am considering your new skirt. May I inquire about the white blouse pictured in your post. My “kingdom” for a great white shirt!

    LeslieJune 30th, 2021  4:59 PM

  • I wear both a dark denim skirt and jeans with a muted dark purple blouse, and I would wear it would other shades of purple (brighter or medium purple) without hesitation. There is a great still of Lauren Hutton in American Gigolo with a Bottega bag, to boot.

    Also the jeans with navy crewneck, a little boring but it will show off everything else.

    I have struggled with anything else paired with my dark denim — all the other options I’ve tried look too hodgepodge.

    SarahJune 30th, 2021  5:36 PM

  • What is the brand of the white shirt?

    Helen RobichaudJune 30th, 2021  7:31 PM

  • I pulled the picture of the white shirt, I don’t know the designer.

    PrestonJune 30th, 2021  7:53 PM

  • I have a shirt from Reformation that looks like the one off the photo.

    MMSJuly 1st, 2021  3:35 AM

  • Hi Preston, is it possible that the denim is just too strong a contrast against your skin? Do you have this issue with softer colored skirts? I have found as I’ve gotten older that high contrast isn’t as appealing to my eye as it used to be. Also, it would chop you in half visually because you are so petite. For these reasons I have started wearing longer skirts, many ankle grazing and I love them. Problem solved!

    PatriciaJuly 1st, 2021  8:19 AM

  • I love it just as shown, but I agree that the light purse isn’t a good idea…unless it would be carried just under the arm with a short strap. Less chance of disaster!

    SharonJuly 1st, 2021  8:41 AM

  • Hello Preston, traditional denim button down shirt, open low, thin gold necklace with small pendant, brown loafers, tortoise sunglasses, clutch bag. I love the way you have styled it too! Reminded me to tie my shirts at the waist. Nice start to July.

    SuWuJuly 1st, 2021  10:55 AM

  • The styling that you show looks great as is! I love navy and I tend to view dark denim as virtually equivalent to other navy fabrics. For me, a denim skirt is very versatile, similar to jeans. Any color works! Blouses, cashmere sweaters, cotton tees, cardigans, blazers, French jackets, trench coats, wellies, tall boots, ankle boots, pumps, sandals. You never need to wear the same outfit twice! Have fun-whatever you wear, you will look fantastic!

    RebeccaJuly 1st, 2021  4:34 PM

  • Preston–it’s a classic skirt. Thanks for sharing. If the strong color concerns you, one way to tone it down is to pair it with a black poplin shirt, khaki-colored top, or grey linen t-shirt. With gold accessories as others mentioned.

    MonaJuly 2nd, 2021  4:56 PM

  • And I agree with others on the peril to the white bag. For a light-colored option, I would switch to your straw bag.

    MonaJuly 2nd, 2021  4:57 PM

  • While shopping for a Gucci bag for my daughter, my son-in-law was advised by the sales associate not to get the white one if she worn dark clothes as the color would rub off onto the leather. He wound up buying the black one for her birthday gift.

    SLFJuly 3rd, 2021  11:21 AM

  • Careful with that cream bag against dark denim — I hate when the dye rubs off on the back of my bag.

    Julie AnnJuly 3rd, 2021  1:24 PM


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