January 27th, 2022
February Harper's Bazaar

‘California Dreaming’

Photography by Bryan Liston  Styling by Alexander Picon

It’s -7° this morning and my dachshund gave me the side-eye as I opened the door. When my daughter was at UCLA I had an excuse to go to Los Angeles often; I miss that. This beautiful February Harper’s Bazaar story on Anna Ewers is a vivid example of what I am missing.


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  • I’m lucky enough to live in San Diego and that’s about right…wind blown messy hair, bare legs and feet turtlenecks and leather jackets. California winters along the coast are dreamy! Thank you for sharing this story.

    AliciaJanuary 27th, 2022  10:28 AM

  • Love these shots. She’s a dead ringer for the 70’s Bardot- Lipton surfer girl Icon that we California girls aspired to in the 60’s and 70’s. I still go right for turtleneck, leAther jacket and jeans as my go-to. Every day out fit. Didn’t own a coat ‘till I went up North to college.!

    BonnieJanuary 27th, 2022  11:54 AM

  • These images are achingly beautiful. It’s also -7 here except I’m the one giving my dog the side eye lol.
    I remember travelling to see daughters at school, was such a great (excuse) reason for a quick trip.

    SueMJanuary 27th, 2022  12:50 PM

  • My daughter goes to UCSD – I thought girls would look like this, reality – no one looks like this in San Diego .
    Weather is fabulous though !

    TLTJanuary 27th, 2022  6:38 PM

  • Gorgeous shoot. Makes me want to go on holiday. Definite Bardot vibes

    That's Not My AgeFebruary 2nd, 2022  2:24 PM


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