February 5th, 2022
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In WSJ. Magazine: Kitten Heels & Socks

Benjamin Bouchet for WSJ. Magazine | Styling By Lizzy Wholley

I pulled out a pair of kitten heels recently, and they felt just right. And, I’m all in with the sock trend. So, it’s no surprise that I love this story in today’s WSJ. Magazine — really good. Top Celine, bottom Miu Miu.


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  • Love it too! Wouldn’t necessarily wear but doesn’t mean i can’t appreciate !

    disneyrollergirlFebruary 5th, 2022  3:20 PM

  • I love the look but wouldn’t wear it. That’s not my age?

    LisaFebruary 5th, 2022  3:29 PM

  • I really appreciate how quickly your eye adjusts to new ideas, and hope you post photos of implementation.

    KimFebruary 5th, 2022  4:43 PM

  • Loving the bottom shoes. Regarding the socks, the look requires great caution, but can work on the right person and outfit. Probably not me, for sure.

    AprilFebruary 5th, 2022  5:19 PM

  • I’m with the others in that I love the look but wonder if it’s for me. My reservation is a more practical one: how do you not slide in the shoes? Am I just a klutz?

    SueMFebruary 5th, 2022  9:15 PM

  • I love how something can look strange when you see it at first and then it just clicks in and looks so right. I first started wearing socks with closed toe shoes like my Birkenstocks and then pumps and then graduated to wearing them with sandals. I did add a shoe pad in one pair as my foot did slip forward. Also, the socks in the WSJ article are high quality. That makes a huge difference in how the look comes off. Don’t skimp on sock quality.

    karenFebruary 5th, 2022  10:07 PM

  • Both shoes are just beautiful! I wear kitten heels exclusively, with the exception of two block heels – a sandal and Chanel’s slingback. The socks are charming, adding a very school-girl youthfulness. That time has passed for me, but my daughter is all over this. I will stay with my kitten heels, though – there are so many beautiful iterations of these classic pumps!

    PaulaFebruary 5th, 2022  11:10 PM

  • Am relieved to not be the only ‘doubting Thomas’ regarding the sock trend! To my eye, few lucky folks can pull it off and it definitely draws the eyes to the areas of the legs many women already have some insecurities about. I would say, it looks interesting on those with very shapely long legs, but then, pretty much everything looks fine on that genetically blessed group :).

    IrinaFebruary 5th, 2022  11:11 PM

  • Is a no for me

    Martha ElenaFebruary 6th, 2022  6:01 AM

  • The Celine shoe is just my style. And the heel is great.

    TracyFebruary 6th, 2022  7:34 AM

  • I love this look, too, and wish I could wear it but I fear I’m too petite to carry it off. I’ll leave it to the long-legged.

    SLFFebruary 6th, 2022  11:10 AM

  • I like the idea, and I like a fine knit sock with a sandal and a midi skirt, but the two looks are a bit too close to an 80s bad trip: ankle socks and stilettos. There were so many women with big, fuzzy perms, ankle sock and heels at clubs and warehouse shows. I just can’t go there.

    The shoes are aces!

    I’ll leave this look for the young women. Go for it!

    SharonFebruary 9th, 2022  1:37 PM


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