March 15th, 2022
Introspective Magazine

Sisters with a Vision: Wendy and Tonne Goodman

1st Dibs’ magazine, Introspective, has a super Q&A with NYC born and based sisters, Wendy and Tonne Goodman. Tonne was a longtime fashion director of Vogue and Wendy is the design editor at New York magazine. Tastemakers both, yet with very different personal styles. It’s a must-read.


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  • I read it on line Sunday, and agree it’s a must read!
    I have always admired both for very different reasons. Finding out how their varied and totally opposite taste in almost everything comes from their very stylish mother.

    SusanMarch 15th, 2022  2:56 PM

  • Great read, love how they show both in Belgians- Tonne in black, Wendy in leopard. So similar, so different.

    BllMarch 15th, 2022  8:49 PM

  • And Tonne with her classic white mens 501’s.. a style icon for me.

    Nicole HaeberleMarch 16th, 2022  6:09 AM

  • Sorry to be so tardy in commenting. This article was so interesting and insightful, they are both endlessly curious. Gosh, 1st dibs is the best kind of rabbit hole.

    SueMMarch 16th, 2022  5:50 PM

  • Just read this – twice – today! There is so much to love, especially their memories and details about their mother’s original style. The takeaways for me – ‘she was very disciplined,’ ‘she just adapted things,’ ‘use of pegboard’ (my mother used it too), and ‘she sent us upstairs to comb our hair.’ All relatable to me, and I find it all charming.

    PaulaMarch 17th, 2022  11:50 PM


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