April 9th, 2022
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Grazia Profile on Carine Roitfeld

Carine Roitfeld is one of my style icons and, after reading an interview with her in the recent issue of Grazia, I realized why I’m so besotted with her style — or, more to the point, her style ethos. “I stick to my style. I’d look stupid in another” she told the writer, Laura Antonia Jordan. Even though Ms. Roitfeld admits that now, at 67, she’s embraced wearing jeans, her wardrobe of 10 pencil skirts is her true personal style. If it works, it works.


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  • Great article!
    Now I know why she always looks so put together and comfortable in her own skin.
    Stick to YOUR hair style, makeup and shop your closet … leave the fads to others.

    SusanApril 9th, 2022  6:31 PM

  • Absolute legend. She has inspired me for longer than I can say (at least sartorially) and the article made me smile to know she is still a force. Be true to yourself and enjoy the present, words to live by. Thank you for the link.

    SueMApril 9th, 2022  10:08 PM

  • Ms. Roitfeld is lovely and interesting and definitely good at her job. For me, the takeaways from her interview are, ‘French women don’t like Halloween,’ and for the French, ‘Emily in Paris, is cliche.’ Yes to all of that!
    For some time, I have viewed American fashion presentation (most notably in Anna Wintour’s Vogue) as “get ups” – more Halloween costume than tasteful, pretty, elegant, modern, chic, or glamourous. The American magazine is stuck in the gutter.

    PaulaApril 10th, 2022  9:50 PM


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