May 31st, 2022
On My Mind

I ♥ June!

Images courtesy of Vogue Germany, Vogue Netherlands, @camillecharriere, Harper’s Bazaar.

Tomorrow is June 1, which I consider the start of summer. I bought a new black swimsuit and pulled out my white Dr. Scholl’s, all of my black sandals (not feeling brown as much), and straw market baskets. Flowers from the garden, a strawberry-Rhubarb galette, swimming, and tennis = bliss!


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  • Look forward to these posts, thank you and happy summer !

    SusanMay 31st, 2022  8:17 AM

  • Gorgeous swimsuit. Wonderful compilation of things to look forward to and experience. This summer seems to hold many promises, doesn’t it? Best wishes to all for a great one! Thank you Preston!

    Lisa FMay 31st, 2022  8:35 AM

  • Perfect summer inspiration! xxoo

    Heidi WynneMay 31st, 2022  9:13 AM

  • I actually pulled out a few summer handbags and shoes to be ready to immediately jump into summer this weekend, too. This way I won’t be grabbing a nondescript all-year tote when I’m running out the door well into July, like some years. I remember the days when Dr Scholls were the rage. My sister wore them constantly, but somehow I never found them comfortable enough. White Arizona Birks are my casual summer sandal, and I took them out this weekend, too. Enjoy!

    AprilMay 31st, 2022  9:19 AM

  • I agree, now is the time to pull things out and put things away. I mean right now. How many times in the last week have I said to myself in the morning I want to change to a smaller summer bag and then rush out the door with my current. Afraid Dr. Scholls were never comfortable for me but I’m shopping my closet and have a couple of sandals that I’m taking to my cobbler and see if he can put thicker soles on them. Have become used to vibram and rubber soles so want to see if he can make these thin leather soled ones more comfortable. Fingers crossed. I remember that galette recipe! Also on the hunt for a summer cotton sweater in black. Thought it would be easy….

    SueMMay 31st, 2022  10:47 AM

  • Sue, check the Jenni Kayne site for black cotton sweaters.

    PatriciaMay 31st, 2022  4:15 PM

  • Thank you Patricia, that was kind. No black I’m afraid but a beautiful taupe.

    SueMMay 31st, 2022  7:04 PM

  • Hello Preston, happy June! Changing out all the bedroom linens to summertime!

    SuWuJune 1st, 2022  6:04 AM

  • Happy Summer, Preston! How do you like the Hunza G swimsuit? I love the one size fits all approach and have been considering. Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineJune 1st, 2022  10:27 AM


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