June 1st, 2022
Chanel Métiers d'art

‘Love For Detail’

Photography by Craig McDean  Styling by Dena Giannini

Chanel’s Métiers d’Art collection showcases luxury craftsmanship and celebrates the house’s artisans. Sofia Coppola, friend to and collaborator with Chanel artistic director Virginie Viard, is perfection in these clothes. Story is in the June issues of Vogue France and Vogue Germany.


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  • These looks are beautiful…the tweeds are classic Chanel. Some Chanel looks I’ve seen on the Red Carpet recently have not been as successful.

    SharonJune 1st, 2022  7:15 AM

  • The woman, the looks, the location… everything is perfection. Whenever I see a photo of Sofia Coppola I want to chop my hair, but I think it’s too thick to pull the look off. Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineJune 1st, 2022  10:32 AM

  • Just perfection!

    RheaJune 1st, 2022  11:22 AM

  • In every photo, posed or not, Sofia comes across with such ‘understated elegance’ ….hair, mimimal gold jewellery, ballet flats ~ it’s her look and she owns it!

    SusanJune 1st, 2022  11:40 AM

  • Yes to all this! Fashion is best when it’s elegant, grown up and nonchalant. Ms. Coppola wins first place in everything.

    PaulaJune 1st, 2022  1:43 PM

  • Chic. Wonderful and so very wearable. Love her style and completely agree with Susan. Thank you Preston.

    Lisa FJune 1st, 2022  1:51 PM

  • I love the swimsuit!

    PrestonJune 1st, 2022  1:53 PM


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