June 2nd, 2022
On My Radar

Chanel Métiers d’Art Shoes

For me, the shoes in Chanel’s Métiers d’Art collection stole the show. From top left: June/July Harper’s Bazaar, Chanel campaign, and on the runway last December.


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  • Every time I see that block heel, camel/black combo Mary Jane, I get what I call the “jump.” It’s when I know I really love something. Great post.

    karenJune 2nd, 2022  9:12 AM

  • Ha Karen! Know just what you mean. I always think I would like the thinner heel if it was lower but then I picture it and realize it would be too Myrna Loy.

    SueMJune 2nd, 2022  10:00 AM

  • The ‘jump’ is the perfect term for that moment when I see something and know that I’ll love and wear it forever.

    PrestonJune 2nd, 2022  10:14 AM

  • Perfect term for the perfect shoe.
    Now if only I can find them…

    Melissa I.June 2nd, 2022  10:47 AM

  • And you better “jump” to get it, or it might be gone!
    What a wonderful expression!

    Pamela TaftJune 2nd, 2022  10:59 AM

  • I jumped when I saw the grey skirt! 🙂

    PaulaJune 3rd, 2022  1:02 AM

  • The grey pleated skirt is Commission.

    PrestonJune 3rd, 2022  5:55 AM

  • Do you know how we can get these?

    MaryJune 4th, 2022  11:21 PM

  • Call a Chanel store and speak with a sales associate.

    PrestonJune 5th, 2022  5:46 AM

  • Ah the jump! When you know you know.

    SundaeJune 8th, 2022  9:54 AM


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