July 10th, 2022
On The Hunt For

The Pleated Skirt

Images courtesy Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue

I’m on the hunt for a knee-length, grey, pleated skirt — both the Commission left and Miu Miu right will be tricky to track down. No doubt there will be many versions and price points in the fall. Paired with a blue shirt is chic. This Miu Miu skirt is close, just too long. To be continued…


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  • I have some old – maybe 10 years old – prada and miu miu pleated skirts that look identical sans the beltloops. I will bring them out of retirement – thanks for the reminder!

    lisaJuly 10th, 2022  2:13 PM

  • Looking forward to your final picks – I’ve been on the hunt for a great pleated skirt as well. I’ve been inspired recently by Miuccia Prada’s runway bows at the end of her fashion shows – she is often in a beautiful pleated skirt, a short sleeved cashmere sweater, and a great pair of sparkly heels. It’s such a great look.

    GeorgieJuly 10th, 2022  3:30 PM

  • In a previous post on a different topic, the item that caught my attention was the grey pleated skirt. Perhaps the best chance will be something made in Italy (that fabulous men’s tailoring and Old School charm!). I also envision handsome French women of a certain age working in galleries on the Left Bank wearing skirts like these with very sensible shoes. I recall seeing some shorter models, and in plaid, but they come off as a bit cheerleader-ish, and anyone over age 18 shouldn’t be donning that look. 🙂 And of course, classic white pleated tennis skirts are back in full swing!

    PaulaJuly 10th, 2022  4:28 PM

  • Paula said it before I could about age and plaid box pleats although in my case it reminds me of my punk days. And then the glory days of grunge. This iteration is definitely in my future and I know you’ll look smashing.

    SueMJuly 10th, 2022  6:22 PM

  • This skirt reminds me of my winter high school uniform. I just can’t go back there.

    AngelineJuly 11th, 2022  3:33 AM

  • I never thought I would say this but- this makes me wish I had saved my high school uniform!

    AmyJuly 11th, 2022  2:45 PM

  • $2,300 for a standard pleated skirt? Too foolish for words.

    Betty AckermanJuly 11th, 2022  7:43 PM

  • I am in the iffy zone on knees these days. I am a fit, thin 53 year old . . . do I still wear hemlines above the knee? Your comment about the pleated skirt being too long added to my hesitation. Thoughts?

    ToriJuly 14th, 2022  11:16 AM

  • Tori, I find there’s a ‘sweet spot’ for skirt hem lengths, and for me, it just grazes the top of the knee. I want to see the shape at the knee but not the fleshy part above the knee. Your height and the silhouette of the dress/skirt will dictate where to hem it. Fifty-three is so young! At our daughter’s wedding in rural France last fall, most of the French women were 50+, 60+, some 70-ish, and all wore dresses of all lengths, from a bit above knee to tea length (no gowns).

    PaulaJuly 19th, 2022  11:38 PM

  • Notice in the photo above, you see the shape of the calf.

    PaulaJuly 19th, 2022  11:45 PM


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