August 23rd, 2022
September Vogue

‘Always and Forever’

Styled by Kate Phelan and photographed by Sam Rock

‘Elegantly unfussy styles in time-honored silhouettes’ in September Vogue — the story gets five stars.

Bottega Veneta, Dior, Prada, Chanel


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  • American women have been hunting for ‘elegantly unfussy styles in time-honored silhouettes’ for around thirty years. Let’s hear it for Vogue for getting behind the idea. Better late than never, I suppose, but American Vogue has been peddling tarty, trampy, often vulgar looks for we women for longer than I can remember. I have been pulling out my old T&C’s and small collection of other old magazines looking for inspiration and direction. I received a mailer from Dior this Spring featuring beautiful ‘time-honored silhouettes,’ although mainly available through couture. This blog has been a valued source of stylish sensibility for me for some years now.

    PaulaAugust 23rd, 2022  5:15 PM

  • Glorious models and styling. Have to admit that without the buttons as a giveaway I never would have thought the leather was Chanel. Shalom Harlow looks even more like Ava Gardner.

    SueMAugust 23rd, 2022  6:38 PM

  • Yes please!!! I’ll take them all. (Can’t remember feeling that way in ages). Thank you Preston!

    Lisa FAugust 23rd, 2022  7:04 PM

  • This editorial spoke to me when I read it. And yes, Paula, clean design, well executed, and forgive me for using the term, wearable was refreshing and desirable, but I do understand why editors feature revealing and abbreviated styles. Let’s face it, if I was in my 20s, with my 20s body, I might pick a crocheted dress that shows off a bit of skin. (only on vacation, I’m still me) The sweater and skirt are right up my alley. Unfortunately, I’m staring at a bathroom renovation and a new HVAC (100+ year old houses are a beast!) so the skirt and shirt will have to live on a mood board.

    SharonAugust 24th, 2022  9:32 PM

  • I haven’t had a minute to devour the September issue, but I am excited for this story. I agree that the styles lately have been a little extra. Keep it simple and you’ll never go out of style.
    Paula – Check out @simplicitycity on Instagram – it’s full of looks from older magazines that provide inspiration and direction.
    Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineAugust 24th, 2022  10:40 PM


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