September 9th, 2022
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Image left from September Harper’s Bazaar. Photography by Daniel Jackson and styling by Samira Nasr.

I just picked up the Chanel slingbacks above (super comfy) and they are different enough from my Saint Laurent pair, which I’ve already worn a lot. I’m always on the lookout for short sweaters and this one by Bottega Veneta ticks that box nicely. And, these Celine jackets are on my inspiration board — they are divine.


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  • I’m a huge fan! Would you consider doing a post on your inspiration board? Where it is, how you maintain it? Is it digital or old school, tips for your readers, etc? And… your closet! Would love to see how you organize, archive, purge, etc. Thanks for everything! xo

    KristiSeptember 9th, 2022  10:28 AM

  • Oooh just love the shape of that Chanel kitten heel. I’m also always looking for shorter sweaters (without them being cropped) as it’s a tough one. This summer I actually took a few of my more structured tshirts to my tailor and had them shortened to my perfect length. Felt a bit “de trop” at the time but so happy with them now. Have a ten year old Vince wool turtleneck that I’ve actually taken to be darned/repaired because it is also the perfect length.

    SueMSeptember 9th, 2022  11:28 AM

  • I Love your consice curation and your fashion style. I always look forward to your posts. Could you share what label the back tux jacket might be. Thanks

    Julianna BallaSeptember 9th, 2022  6:36 PM

  • The jacket is Dolce & Gabbana.

    PrestonSeptember 9th, 2022  9:45 PM

  • SueM- we are definitely on the same page. Had a number of T-shirts shortened last month and could not be happier. Even my beloved NIN tee went to the tailor 😉

    PrestonSeptember 10th, 2022  6:54 AM

  • Kristi- my inspiration photos are on my desktop — a digital ‘board’. I have a huge monitor so I can do groupings of images and re-sort them easily. Mostly editorial and product pics.

    PrestonSeptember 10th, 2022  7:01 AM

  • Re: shortening tee shirts. Not an elegant solution, but I have been shortening various tee shirts I’ve purchased from various charities by just cutting off the bottom (and the sleeves). I only wear these VERY casually (for walking), but the cut edges curl up nicely after washing. Score!

    SharonSeptember 10th, 2022  9:11 AM


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