September 18th, 2022

Jenny Walton on 1stDibs

Jenny Walton, the delightful Milan-based American illustrator and fashion collector, is profiled on 1stDibs’ magazine, Introspective. I love that she collects vintage Prada and I have a few pieces she can add to her collection. In the article Ms. Walton is decorating her new apartment in Milan, which is as chic as the woman herself.


What's New

  • She is an angel of chic. What a delightful story, thank you.

    SueMSeptember 18th, 2022  11:18 AM

  • The last I knew, she was married to the Sartarolist and living in Soho. Wonder what’s up.

    GraceSeptember 18th, 2022  11:22 AM

  • It says in the article that they were engaged and moved to Milan then called it quits.

    PrestonSeptember 18th, 2022  11:39 AM

  • I have been following her forever and think she is adorable with great style! Wishing her only the best.

    DebSeptember 18th, 2022  11:47 AM

  • She is lovely. Perfection. And, she can draw beautifully.

    SueSeptember 18th, 2022  11:54 AM

  • Love her!

    ErinSeptember 18th, 2022  12:30 PM

  • Something about her is very “ girl like innocence” combined with incredible style and she is beyond gorgeous . Love her many different looks and her apartment is lovely too!

    Paula BSeptember 18th, 2022  2:15 PM

  • I too have been following Jenny for a a couple of years. It was her fanciful fashion sketches that first caught my eye. Then her love of Prada and all things vintage kept me coming back for more.
    Great post!

    SusanSeptember 18th, 2022  3:24 PM


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