November 8th, 2022
It Item

A Beige Parka

Photography by Valentin Giacobetti Styling by Jack Borkett

In a moment of synchronicity, just as I was loading the Khaite down jacket into the kic shop my daughter sent me a picture of her new Banana Republic parka. This all dovetailed nicely with the November Vogue France image of a Guess bomber above that’s been on my desktop just waiting for a post. I popped in the Moncler cable-knit down jacket for good measure.


What's New

  • Love your daughter’s chic find! Are you thrilled you two are thinking alike?!

    MoiraNovember 8th, 2022  9:28 AM

  • Chic indeed! And your daughter’s smile lights up the world!

    NinaNovember 8th, 2022  9:32 AM

  • She inherited that smile and a beautiful voice from my mother.

    PrestonNovember 8th, 2022  9:33 AM

  • She’s so infectiously happy and I like her parka the best. Her smile is everything.

    KathyNovember 8th, 2022  10:15 AM

  • Got it from my mama!

    AnnieNovember 8th, 2022  12:08 PM

  • Love a parka with a hood.

    TracyNovember 8th, 2022  1:24 PM

  • Very sweet photo of your daughter!!

    Priya D.November 8th, 2022  2:21 PM

  • Banana Republic probably owes your daughter a fee! She and her beautiful smile makes that parka look beyond fabulous.

    ClaireNovember 9th, 2022  4:33 AM

  • Raise your hand if you bought the Parka from Banana after reading this post! ME!!!!

    STNovember 9th, 2022  11:31 AM

  • So beautiful, Preston! Your model is outshining all the parkas. 🙂

    PaulaNovember 9th, 2022  10:51 PM

  • I Love it! Synchronicity. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

    Karene KatzNovember 10th, 2022  10:39 PM


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