November 24th, 2022
On My Mind

Gobble, Gobble!

Last weekend I did a test run of Ina’s recipe for turkey roulade — it was easy and delicious. I have faith that the second time will be a charm. A very happy Thanksgiving to everyone!



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  • Happy Thanksgiving, Preston! I have enjoyed your posts for years and gleaned much style advice and other interesting info…
    Thank you for the content, dear!

    Shannon EvenstadNovember 24th, 2022  9:38 AM

  • Happy Thanksgiving P – to you and your family. Enjoy your roulade xoxo

    KathyNovember 24th, 2022  10:32 AM

  • Happy Thanksgiving P.! Go Bucks on Saturday!

    TracyNovember 24th, 2022  12:16 PM

  • Great choice of Meleagris gallopavo!

    I’ve had this particular wild turkey in my Thanksgiving folder
    to send to family and friends.

    So far I haven’t been able to find another “Tom” I love as much.

    Again, happy Thanksgiving!


    JaniceNovember 24th, 2022  1:19 PM

  • Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have beautiful weather here in the San Francisco Bay area. Hope you do too. Gobble Gobble!

    Pamela TaftNovember 24th, 2022  2:04 PM

  • Happy Thanksgiving Preston to you, your loved ones and all the community reading this. ❤️

    SueMNovember 24th, 2022  5:25 PM

  • Happiest Thanksgiving Preston !
    xo Brooke

    Brooke GarberNovember 25th, 2022  11:24 AM


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