December 10th, 2022
In WSJ. Magazine

‘High Fashion Shows Its Wild Side’

By Bibi Cornejo Borthwick, photographer, for WSJ. Magazine | Styling by Kate Phelan

A stunning story in this weekend’s WSJ. Magazine. Model Sacha Quenby in the most covetable looks on location in Portugal = perfection.


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  • The full story is stunning! The lines are good.

    RMDecember 11th, 2022  6:35 AM

  • I forgot to link the story, so unlike me. Thank you.

    PrestonDecember 11th, 2022  7:38 AM

  • The Valentino shoes she has on in the story photos are adorable.

    TracyDecember 11th, 2022  1:14 PM

  • The photographer captured motion and energy beautifully ~ and such a beautiful model! Very sad, however, to see the story and advertising spread that preceded it: half-dressed toddlers draped in expensive jewelry and a two-page Balenciaga advertising spread. Fashion industry and advertisers quietly legitimizing exploitation of little girls…

    PaulaDecember 12th, 2022  12:39 AM

  • I assume you’ve seen the backlash and fallout from the Balenciaga campaign. If not, it’s all over the news.

    PrestonDecember 12th, 2022  5:05 AM

  • Yes. It’s why I was surprised WSJ was accepting their advertising this weekend in such prime pages of their magazine. Interesting who gets canceled in media and who doesn’t.

    PaulaDecember 12th, 2022  12:08 PM


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