December 21st, 2022
Vogue France

Winter Solstice Promise

Photography by Dan Mortensen Styling by Tabitha Simmons

Today is the winter solstice, which means each day will now get a teensy-weensy bit longer — the promise of more daylight. Wish I had this Moncler 1952 jacket from a story in Dec/Jan Vogue France — orange and yellow are cheerful on these short days.


What's New

  • I too like a bright color in winter but not yellow! I fear I would look like Big Bird!

    LisaDecember 21st, 2022  8:32 AM

  • Orange was THE color in Paris this Fall, symbolizes optimism and energy. We all need a dose of this positive color!

    JenniferDecember 21st, 2022  9:02 AM

  • What. a coincidence- I am wearing orange socks and adidas, with jeans and an orange shirt peeking out from my huge sweater.
    Today is the day I feel I can start looking forward to Spring.

    BeccaDecember 21st, 2022  10:03 AM

  • I’m definitely on the orange band wagon with sweaters, socks and shirts and I’m eyeing a cool orange throw. Yellow I can’t do but it was the hood that got me in this photo. Bought the one from Cos that is like a dickey and it’s fantastic. Every year I have to adjust to turning the lights on so early lol.

    SueMDecember 21st, 2022  10:30 AM

  • Now I have validation for my recent purchase of orange Ugg mini boot. Half price with one size 5 left.
    After your post my second guessing is over.

    SusanDecember 21st, 2022  1:12 PM


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