December 24th, 2022
On My Mind

Merry, Merry!

I hope everyone is staying warm. We took the girls to Florida to celebrate their birthdays (it was super fun) and came home early to make sure the pipes wouldn’t freeze. Very bumpy flight back last evening, during which I counted my blessings. This community is a blessing.

Wishing everyone a safe and warm holiday!


Image courtesy of 1stDibs


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  • Best to you and your family Preston!

    DebDecember 24th, 2022  8:57 AM

  • I’m very sorry your trip was cut short. Our flight home yesterday was rather bumpy as well-I think the result of high winds. I agree this community is a blessing. Thank you for founding it and for all your interesting and inspiring posts. Merry Christmas!

    KIC fanDecember 24th, 2022  8:59 AM

  • Merry Christmas to you Preston and your family and all the community of KIC!

    ŽivilėDecember 24th, 2022  9:44 AM

  • Happy Holidays

    SusanDecember 24th, 2022  10:02 AM

  • Sorry your flight was bumpy but you made it back for the pipes. Winter forces you to be practical. Warm wishes to you and your family Preston and hope the KiC community has a wonderful holiday. Xo

    SueMDecember 24th, 2022  10:25 AM

  • Merry, Merry! The times are definitely turbulent (to play upon the theme above). While I am an unknown voice in the crowd, I do so enjoy everyone – Preston’s thought leadership and the voices of those who follow this site. It’s a wonderful respite from all that is swirling around in our midst. To continue to lose our visual identity and appreciation for style and grace in every day life does have repercussions upon society. Call it frivolous, but a lot of life is the nuanced appreciation for the small things that goes on beneath the surface of each of us. Blessings to all – stay safe!

    TraceyDecember 24th, 2022  11:19 AM

  • Merry Xmas Preston and all the gang here! Stay safe and warm XX

    disneyrollergirlDecember 24th, 2022  12:58 PM

  • Beautiful graphic! KiC has timeless style– starting with Preston’s posts & pics, and then the community’s comments too! Thank you, I have learned & appreciated so much. I myself am no style guru, but I find style to be like a personal compass, without feeling it in myself and catching it in others I am a bit lost! Style is a way to tell your story, so while it is very individual it also connects us. In uncertain times it is a way to find strength. At holidays it helps us celebrate. Cheers!

    MaryADecember 24th, 2022  4:18 PM

  • Wishing a merry Christmas—and every other holiday that the women here celebrate—to Preston and the community you host here! I am grateful for the style and grace both, as Tracey put it, that this circle nurtures. It’s good to hear that you made it home safely in this weather, Preston. Enjoy home this Christmas.

    RMDecember 24th, 2022  7:22 PM

  • a very Merry Christmas to you!

    SwanDecember 24th, 2022  11:51 PM

  • My very best – and warmest – wishes for the merriest Christmas – to Preston, our inspiring editor, and to all of thoughtful KIC readers (and voices) for contributing to a more beautiful world around us.
    My wish for you this Christmas Day is peace, hope, and love!
    If I could send a gift, it would be the song, ‘Jesse’s Carol,’ sung by the glorious artist herself.

    PaulaDecember 25th, 2022  12:55 AM

  • …Jessey’s Carol, This Christmastide

    PaulaDecember 25th, 2022  12:59 AM

  • Here’s hoping you and yours have the Happiest Christmas and a Healthy New Year to all!

    SharonDecember 25th, 2022  8:37 AM

  • Merry Christmas to you, Preston, and this community. I have learned so much from this blog!

    BarbaraDecember 25th, 2022  2:44 PM

  • Merriest of Christmases and Happiest of Holidays to you. Thank you for creating a lovely and inspiring community.

    BonnyDecember 25th, 2022  11:28 PM

  • To Paula – thank you so much for the Jessye’s Carol recommendation. I wasn’t familiar with this one and it is so beautiful. Will be adding this to my favorites. Thank you Preston for giving your readers so much beauty and interesting content throughout the year. Happy New Year to everyone! xo

    SherryDecember 28th, 2022  5:44 AM


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