January 6th, 2023
Vogue France

Une fille, un style: chez Monica Ainley de la Villardière à Paris

I’m a longtime fan of Monica Ainley de la Villardière‘s personal style and was happy to see her profiled again on Vogue France. She makes even the most classic of classics look cool.


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  • Thanks for bringing her to our attention! I’m listening to her Fanfare podcast episode “Dinner for Mozart with Alexander Neef” to psych myself up for The Magic Flute which I’m seeing at the Met later.

    CristinaJanuary 6th, 2023  3:42 PM

  • Preston, thank you so much for the introduction. She is tres chic. Have a wonderful weekend. Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineJanuary 6th, 2023  4:43 PM

  • I remember her from instagram years ago being at the shows etc with all the bright young things but she always seemed to have a little more classic style. I sound like an old lady, suppose I mean she doesn’t follow the outre trends but is still current. Thanks for the link.

    SueMJanuary 6th, 2023  5:32 PM

  • She is lovely! Fresh-faced, ‘chic collegiate,’ young sophisticate – and so French in her pared down (and very age-appropriate) casual style. She is reminding me of my daughter, who wears jackets, wool coats, and a dash of red constantly.

    PaulaJanuary 6th, 2023  6:06 PM

  • Thanks for this introduction to a fellow Canadian and her fascinating profile.

    SusanJanuary 6th, 2023  6:57 PM


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