April 14th, 2023
Harper's Bazaar France

‘Un Frisson Nommé Rianne’

Photography by Alasdair McLellan Styling by Élodie David-Touboul

Harper’s Bazaar France is my new favorite magazine and April, the second issue, does not disappoint. The creative team producing the magazine is what makes Harper’s Bazaar France exceptional. Rianne Van Rompaey is gorgeous in the spring looks.


What's New

  • Preston, do you read a digital copy? Or do you find the physical copy locally? Thanks in advance. Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineApril 14th, 2023  2:33 PM

  • March issue a friend brought fromParis, April was sent to me by another friend.

    PrestonApril 14th, 2023  4:29 PM

  • Casa Magazines on 8th Ave should have it. If you live out of town they will ship.

    T. ArmstrongApril 15th, 2023  9:11 AM

  • Ooh, what a feast for the eyes, the lighting, everything. I’m glad to see the racer back tank is still popular. Thanks for sharing.

    SueMApril 15th, 2023  4:39 PM


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