April 29th, 2023
Harper's Bazaar France

Emmanuelle Alt Consultante-Styliste

Mert & Marcus

The rise on Emmanuelle Alt’s jeans caught my eye in her picture on the April Harper’s Bazaar France contributors page — the rise looks mid to low. No matter when this portrait was taken, Ms. Alt’s personal style is timeless and chic as all get-out.


What's New

  • I recently walked passed her on the street in Paris, and she is an absolute showstopper. Chic, beautiful, natural and effortless.

    NTWApril 29th, 2023  6:09 PM

  • That pic looks about 15 years old though! Not sure I could go low rise again *pained face*

    disneyrollergirlApril 30th, 2023  7:43 AM

  • She does that French girl rocker chick thing so well but to my eye this looks a bit tired.

    JoannawnycApril 30th, 2023  8:49 AM

  • Think Alt looks great, but agree with disneyrollergirl about going low rise again –
    for me, I think the low rise look belongs on (to) a young lean body.

    While I looked fine wearing low rise jeans they weren’t comfortable – they kept riding down;
    I had to stop wearing all of my nice shirts because they wouldn’t stay tucked in – which I didn’t like the look or feel of.

    Last fall I finally found jeans with a rise high enough to solve problems stated above – I lived in them all fall and winter –
    in fact I bought 2 pairs!

    Jeans are a key component of my everyday uniform – so was thrilled to find the jeans.

    Low rise may be back – and that’s okay with me, but not for me.

    Just sayin’…

    JaniceApril 30th, 2023  11:04 AM

  • A mid to low rise can be nice with the skinnier jeans that Alt favors. With a true high rise, I find that some extra volume in the pant legs can be helpful to visually balance out all the fabric rising up through the waist. And Alt’s bracelets are good year round, but I especially look forward to gold with black clothing in the summer! Just picked up a new bangle for the summer stack.

    RMApril 30th, 2023  10:28 PM

  • Agree with the ladies above – low rise lacks the polish, maturity, and refinement I’m interested in at this station in life. I associate it with 90’s street style and bed head hair. Just purchased a lovely new Dior jean which is smart and grown up. It hits about at my waist. Will pair with a tee shirt and my bar jacket, worn unbuttoned for casual and simple fitted cashmere sweaters, pumps, and a (non-logo) bag or clutch for dress.

    PaulaMay 1st, 2023  12:52 AM

  • Janice, please do share the jeans you found! Thank you.

    YasminMay 1st, 2023  8:39 AM

  • Be glad to, Yasmin!

    MOTHER Jeans.
    Label on inside of jeans reads:
    Style #1136-1104

    JaniceMay 1st, 2023  11:25 AM


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