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Is Cauliflower The New Kale?

This post first ran in December 2016, but I dug it out to make the recipe for Thanksgiving.

Cauliflower is my new favorite veggie, its up there with zucchini noodles. The mild nutty flavor works with just about everything. I like this roasted-parmesan recipe from Epicurious–talk about easy.


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Stuffed mushrooms, cheese and crackers, dips– not this holiday season. I want to shake up my hors d’oeuvre repertoire and am inspired by Daniel Boulud’s mini smorgasbord in an old Elle Decor. The famous chef lived in Denmark for three years in the late 1970s and shared his favorite Scandinavian recipes. Skol!

Bon Appétit

Dinner in a Donabe

This sesame arctic char recipe from Bon Appétit looks amazing. It’s made in a ceramic Japanese pot called a donabe, which is easy to use. Yum!

Image @bonappetitmag

Cherry Bombe Cookbook

Coconut Curry

I thought I’d make a stew for this foggy Sunday, but got sidetracked when I saw this recipe in the Cherry Bombe cookbook. I’m not eating much beef or dairy these days and this looks perfectly spicy for such a grey day. Recipe below. Continue…


Football Fare

There are some amazing pizza recipes on @bonapetitmag—this one with bibb lettuce, gorgonzola, prosciutto, and pickled red onions is perfect for gameday. My team is still in—booyah!


Delicious Delicata


We’ve been eating more squash than usual—I love that you can buy it and forget about it until you are ready to cook it. Delicata, not on my radar until this fall, is my current squash of choice—simply roasted, like this recipe from Martha Stewart, is the way to go. Don’t forget- no need to peel and you can eat the seeds.


Three to Give & Receive

Just a few weeks ago my friend Kathy mentioned the Instant Pot and I’d not heard of it. Not the case now, it’s all the rage and I’m giving one to my daughter for her new apartment and I’ve put one on my Christmas list—I’m just not sure which size would be optimal. Speaking of my daughter’s apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn, we just split a Bee Sting pizza at Roberta’s (so good!) and I’m stocking up on spicy honeys—there are a few to choose from (here and here). We’ve been trying to eat a more plant-based diet and Laura Wright’s The First Mess Cookbook (and blog) is packed with great recipes—the photographs are beautiful, too.

Thank you, Laura T., for this fantastic article in The New York Times on the Instant Pot’s uses and recipes.


Second Time’s a Charm (Hopefully)

Ina Garten’s roasted turkey roulade

Once again it is the day before Thanksgiving and I am the designated cook. I am a terrible cook (no one will contradict me on this) and yet I always end up shopping for and making Thanksgiving dinner.

A few years ago I was inspired to make Ina Garten’s stuffed turkey breast and made the mistake of buying the largest breast possible (leftovers anyone?). It looked hideous before it was cooked and was borderline inedible when done. Not wanting to cook a full turkey where 50% will go to waste, I have bravely decided to try the above recipe again.

You would think Americans were all serving our last meal ever by the crowd at Whole Foods yesterday. But I made my way and bought a small organic, free-range, boneless (ridiculously expensive) turkey breast. And who knows, I may get it right this time.

Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!

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In a moment of synchronicity, my daughter is going vegan and I got an email from my local bookshop, Locust Valley Bookstore, announcing the new Ottolenghi cookbook, Sweet. I’ve been meaning to pick up one of the London chef’s cookbooks and the time is now—the vegetarian recipes are said to be delicious.

If you do not have a local bookstore to support, all are available on Amazon.


Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook

My daughter, author of the site BakeLogic, and I had lunch with Kerry Diamond a few weeks ago. Kerry is co-editor of the indie food magazine Cherry Bombe and a dear friend. At lunch she told us about putting their first-ever cookbook together “a compilation of crave-worthy recipes from 100+ of the coolest, most creative women around.” Not out until 10/10, but you can pre-order here.