Heartland Table

Heartland Table

While waiting to see images from the Céline FW15 collection, I was watching the Food Network–my Sunday mornings with Ina Garten. Following Ina was a show I’d never seen, Heartland Table with chef Amy Thielen. Young, cool, and after having spent nearly a decade cooking under David Bouley, Daniel Boulud and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the northern Minnesota native moved home with her husband and 1-year-old son into a cabin on a dirt road. I’m obsessed with Thielen’s local and seasonal approach to food and have ordered her cookbook.

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Via Della Spiga Printed stretch-cotton dress


Reversible shearling coat


Frayed checked cotton-blend tweed skirt


Shearling sneakers


Tiered ruffled silk crepe de chine mini dress


Buckle kitten-heel leather pumps


Cornelia double-breasted cotton trench coat


Nutson broderie anglaise ramie blouse


Jane cross-strap stud-embellished sandals


Tuxedo box clutch


Nolia crepe midi dress


Stretch-suede 70mm bootie

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On Goop

‘It’s A Crock’


Years ago, we bought a crockpot to make slow-cooked meals. Problem was, the pot was so enormous, it took forever to prep the amount of food to fill the damn thing. I think I made one pot of stew and then gave the the crockpot away.

After seeing these recipes in the recent GOOP newsletter, I’m inspired to try again. On cold winter weekends, a slow-cooked meal sounds divine.

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In The Wall Street Journal

Snow Day Fare


So, the blizzard was a bit of a non-event but, we are still home for a snow day. I saw this rosti (Swiss potato pancake) recipe in The Wall Street Journal last weekend and will make it today for a post-sledding lunch.


Thank You Cherry Bombe

Cherry Bombe The fourth issue of my favorite food mag, Cherry Bombeis out. The fantastic cover image of chef Kristen Kish was styled by Amanda Ross. And Cherry Bombe co-founder Kerry Diamond listed KiC as her go-to site—thank you, Kerry!

Photography by Jennifer Livingston

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In The Wall Street Journal

Judith Jones’ Kitchen


In my mid twenties, I loved to cook. I hosted big dinner parties often and friends were always over for a meal. Then, I married and had children and cooking became my most loathed chore. A trip to the open market was once a favorite activity, now I dread grocery shopping. My girls and I actually play a game to see if we can be in and out of Whole Foods in under 15 minutes.

I don’t need Freud to understand my change of heart—too many years of making chicken fingers and having to provide a meal, even when exhausted and uninspired, killed my joy of cooking. But I am determined to reclaim a bit of the pleasure I once experienced preparing food.

I’m inspired by this very funny Q&A with cookbook editor Judith Jones in today’s The Wall Street Journal and I’m hoping that Jones’ new book “Love Me, Feed Me: Sharing With Your Dog the Everyday Good Food You Cook and Enjoy” will help me find my way back to the kitchen.


August Fare


August is my favorite month for food. Not only is our garden producing madly, I have the time to fully focus on what we eat.

Lobsters– I am a lobster roll fanatic– trying and rating them as I travel around the Northeast is actually a hobby of mine. This summer we’ve had even more lobster than usual, so I’ve strayed beyond my New England roots and embraced (wholeheartedly) the lobster taco thanks to an article in the WSJ.

Grass-fed– I felt quite smug when I read about the benefits of grass-fed beef and dairy, also in the WSJ. When my girls were younger, I went to a nutritionist and she encouraged me to buy grass-fed, but it was hard to find 6 years ago.  Fortunately, it’s now more readily available.

Gazpacho– Our garden overfloweth with cucumbers, but the tomatoes are very late. So I was thrilled to find both green and red gazpacho recipes in the NYT.

Jones Beach– I’m on the sound which is beautiful, but the beaches are rocky and we don’t often swim. Every summer, my friend and I talk about taking the kids to Jones Beach but it never comes together. Now that SmorgasBar: Brooklyn by the Beach, the L.I. cousin of the famed outdoor markets Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg, has opened a Jones Beach outpost selling locally sourced and artisnal foods, I’m even more inspired to go.


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Cracked Candy

Crack Candy

Finally, all natural sugar-free sweets that are good for you. Flora, a former Science teacher and Brooklyn based mum, cooked up Cracked Candy to sate her own sweet tooth. I cannot wait to try them!

“Why ‘Cracked’? “The name comes from the way Flora feels she has ‘cracked’ the secret of candy – as in taken away the guilt! ”
 Her art director husband designed all the visual aspects of the brand and their toddler son has been chief taster.”


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Culinary Rx

For anyone interested in eating well, I recommend this article in the WSJ on chefs and doctors teaming up to create delicious and healthy dishes. It covers “which foods we should eat more of, or less of, and why”.

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On My Mind

Kerry Diamond

Kerry Diamond

Kerry photographed for KiC by Marko MacPherson

After catching up with Kerry Diamond over lunch on New Year’s Day, I felt it was time to run an updated post on my dear friend, and one of KiC’s earliest profiles. While VP of PR for Coach, Kerry and her boyfriend, chef Robert Newton, opened three restaurants in Brooklyn, Seersucker, Smith Canteen, and my favorite, Nightingale 9. If this wasn’t enough to keep her busy, Kerry also launched, with friend Claudia Wu, the indy foodie mag, Cherry Bombe.

Today, Kerry is solely focused on the restaurants and Cherry Bombe. The magazine’s second issue, which celebrates baking, was published this winter. Chock-full of so many stories and interviews, there is enough content to fill three conventional magazines. My favorite piece is by the writer, and beauty director of W, Jane Larkworthy. Jane shares memories of her mother’s love of cooking and updates her favorite childhood recipes with organic ingredients. I have actually been meaning to profile Jane for a while as I am a huge fan of her page in W.

Over lunch Kerry and I reminisced about our days at Harper’s Bazaar, I congratulated her on being profiled in Vogue, and we talked about how lucky and happy we both are doing our own thing. A great way to start the new year.

Kerry Diamond in Vogue

© Vogue magazine

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Off To A Good Start

A big thank you to everyone who weighed in on the Vitamix. My dear friend lent me hers over the holidays to see if we would actually use one before we commit. So far we’ve made green drinks (I prefer spinach to kale), almond butter, soups, and smoothies. It’s certainly getting a workout while on loan.

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