Ashley Wick

Ashley Wick by Marko MacPherson

Ashley Wick photographed by Marko MacPherson at Hotel Americano NYC

I am not easily awed, but Ashley has that ‘wow’ factor in spades. Stunning, smart and successful, she’s one of those women it’s easy to envy, but also can’t help liking because she’s a really good person. We first met at a press event for one of her clients, and I was struck by how genuine and welcoming she was to everyone in the room.

A San Francisco native with a bit of a bohemian spirit, Ashley traveled extensively as a child with her family: her father was a member of the Peace Corps and her mother was an editor at Travel + Leisure and Vogue. These travels inspired her love of exotic and far flung places and cultures.

After graduating from Duke, Ashley came to NY and worked at Vogue before going into public relations. Following Vogue, she worked in-house with Diane von Furstenberg and Anya Hindmarch before opening her own PR firm WICK AND Co., a communications consultancy that represents clients in travel, fashion, lifestyle and design.

Home is now the West Village, but Ashley still travels far and wide every chance she gets.

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what's new


Katie suede sock bootie


Belted wool coat


loulou leather over-the-knee boots


Suede Crooked-Heel ankle boot


Everyday tote small leather bag


Padded velvet jacket


Roll-neck argyle-sleeved sweater


Ridgewood corduroy trousers


Point-toe slingback kitten-heel pumps


Patchwork fur jacket


Alice square-frame acetate sunglasses


Clever leather belt bag

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Sneak Peek

WSJ. Magazine

WSJ Style Section

Here it is, Kristina O’Neill’s debut issue of WSJ. Magazine. Mikael Jansson photographed, and the divine George Cortina styled Kati Nascher for the cover. Kristina spoke with WWD about her vision for WSJ. and her decision to have Karl Lagerfeld pen a column for her first issue.

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How to Brow

Last week (before we got hit with a massive wind storm that took out our power and internet, a definite con for working at home) my friend dropped by to talk about her daughter wanting to model. This is a topic I try to avoid but, she is a dear friend and actually, her daughter has a very cool look. More specifically, Livi has brows that could give Cara Delevingne below a run for her money.

This got me thinking about the prominence of brows today and what I could do to help my own. My brows are a bit of a bugaboo as I am blonde and there is just not a lot to them. For years I have used the little red Maybeline pencils. They work, but there must be something better. Bobbi Brown is my first stop and I am going to try both her eye brow powder kit and pencil.

Suggestions are very welcome…

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Givenchy Girl


My beloved Obsedia wrap bracelet

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a Givenchy nut. Okay, maybe not the rottweiler t-shirts and I took a pass on the fold-over boot (the It boot of FW2012), but I have certainly invested a tidy sum in other Givenchy pieces. So it’s no surprise that I’m delighted that Riccardo Tisci has renewed his contract with the house for another 3 years.

I understand how saddened the Balenciaga devotees are over the departure of Nicolas Ghesquiere, especially on the heels of such a stand-out SS13 show. And I was distraught to read that the founders of Current/Elliott, my all-time favorite pant line, have left their company. The day I read the news I doubled up on a few of my  cannot-live-without pairs.

There have been a number of designer change-ups this year and it makes me beg the question, do you wear a label no matter who’s at the helm? I would like to think that I am label-loyal, but I’m not, I only buy and wear what I like. Makes it all the more devastating when a collaboration that I love ends.

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Show Status

Couture to Covet

I don’t usually pay much attention to the couture shows- I wouldn’t spend that much on a piece of clothing, nor do I have any place to wear it. But there were some remarkably beautiful pieces this season and I want to share my favorites.

Valentino, Dior, Valli Couture

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Simply Celine

These images from the SS13 Celine campaign are really gorgeous. Super simple with a twist (literally). Except for the fur-lined shower shoes, I love every piece. And Daria’s hair and make up is perfection.

A modern day Mrs. Robinson perhaps?

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Home Office

Left:Janklow home; Right:Aerin Lauder’s home

Working from home has it’s pros and cons. It’s certainly easy and economical, but it also requires dedicating a space to be an office that still looks good in your home. A beautiful Gracie or de Gournay wallpaper would help bridge the home & office integration.

Every winter I want to paper all of my rooms in an attempt to bring some cheerful color inside. I may start with a panel as Domino recommended.


Leah McCloskey

Leah McCloskey in her studio in Salem, NY

Leah and I have known each other for a very long time. Although I did not know her when she was a model, I certainly knew her well when she was a model agent. Tall, gorgeous, and talented, Leah is simply amazing. And disarmingly nice. With her “hey, gang, let’s put on a show’ approach to life, she is also a lot of fun.

Just when I thought I had her pegged, Leah followed her calling to be an artist, left the world of modeling, and got a studio upstate. Now she splits her time between Salem, NY, where she shares her life with a chef (who is into sustainable agriculture, we love that), and NYC where she’s Director of the Exhibition Outreach Program at the Art Students League.

The rural bit doesn’t surprise me since Leah grew up in a pre-revolutionary farm house in Pennsylvania with masses of siblings (7!), 12 dogs, 4 cats, horses, goats, and yes, chickens.

Also not a surprise, animals are primarily the subjects in her work. Her chicken paintings (of the chickens she raises) are my favorites, especially the mixed media ones on newspaper.  Leah does pet portraits on commission and I may have her paint a few members of my own personal animal kingdom (3 dogs and our horses, past and present).

We caught up at her recent solo show and thankfully, Leah agreed to be a KiC profile!

Leah McCloskey paintings

What inspires you? Life, art, food, colors; I love to take drives and really look at the view out the window, (it’s even better when I am not driving! Ha!). Conversations with complete strangers, slowing myself down to really see where I am and what is going on around me. Talented people who have been able to cross the great divide between creating art and having it sell, inspire me the most.

Favorite book? It started with Grimm’s fairy tales as a child and recently, I loved the Stieg Larsen books.  There is nothing like a book to take you to another place in time and that you can’t put down– I hadn’t read anything that had kept me from sleeping in a longtime. I got one sent from London because it was released there before it was released in the US.

Movie? “A Face in the Crowd” if you haven’t seen it it’s a must. A 1957 film starring Andy Griffith, Patricia Neal and Walter Matthau, directed by Elia Kazan, and the screenplay is by Budd Schulberg. Coming from a business that was all about making stars, it just rang true, still does.

Music? I am all over the place with music.  I listen to classical, especially Baroque, when I paint and I can’t forget to mention Tom Waits, he’s a genius. My secret pastime is tuning into the country station when I am driving around, songs about International Harvesters and Pontoons seem easier to handle.

Style Essentials: Black, black and black with a GREAT Bag and Hermes scarf. Men’s shirts, and flats.

Cannot live without: A men’s white shirt, my readers, and Dan who is the love of my life.

Next Destination: I haven’t wanted to travel on a plane for the past decade; I have been very happy just traveling back and forth from NYC, gardening, painting, seeing family and basically going places that I can drive to like Maine, and PA.  I am getting the bug again, especially since I got an email from an old friend who has opened a bed and breakfast in Malta called 37GOZO. I think I need to go!

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Wear Now, Wear Later

The Sleeveless Dress

Proenza Schouler tweed, Oscar de la Renta black lattice, Derek Lam woven stripes, Bottega Veneta silk chiffon print, Nina Ricci red floral print

I’ve had ‘ladylike’ on my mind recently. Ironically, as I get older, I’m not as drawn to super feminine and fastidiously put-together looks– I worry they age me. But there are times and places where I need to look polished and grown-up, and ladylike actually suits me.

A dress is always a safe bet and this season there are a plethora of good ones. However, the best ones are, for the most part, sleeveless. I have never been a huge fan of sleeveless, but a feather-weight cardigan thrown over my shoulders makes it feel less bare. Or a trim little jacket works too, at least until the weather warms up.

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Will These Be Your Next Jeans?

There seems to be no end in sight for skinny jeans (I’m guilty too), but the relaunch of Seafarer may give your slim-fits a run for their money. With a storied history– Seafarers were once the uniform of the U.S. navy, and their St. Tropez-circa-60s/70s-vibe, these cool blues may be the next big thing.

Seafarer’s inspiration images

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