Want vs. Need cont.

Isabel Marant

Thank you for the thoughtful comments yesterday. My favorite nugget is from Mia when she refers to “(her) imaginary life trap”, an issue I’ve wrestled with and somewhat curbed. I too have those moments of lusting for an item that just has no purpose in my life, but have learned to take a pass. I don’t have to own everything I love.

The catalyst for these posts was the realization that I shop for and buy dresses, but live in pants, and in the summer, skirts. Yes, a dress is easy, but how many times can I wear it in a week, a month, a season? Granted I can change up the accessories, add tights and a jacket, but the reality is, I don’t run-around in dresses.

So, even though the Marant top is a special and identifiable piece, I will wear it often (‘heavy rotation’) with jeans and skirts. This was a big step for me since I had the dress version of this print on my wish list since the show last fall…

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what's new


Pleated checked wool midi skirt


Checked wool blazer


High-rise straight-leg jeans


Blanche leather ankle boots


Bellechasse medium leather-trimmed canvas bag


Double breasted coat


Flared corduroy trousers


Square belt bag


Flared corduroy trousers


Off-the-shoulder smocked satin top


Tie-waist cotton-corduroy coat


Siria suede mid-calf boots

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Want vs. Need

Isabel Marant, Givenchy

One of the reasons I have not posted many spring picks is because I am thinking hard about what I need before I buy. Years past I would have made all of my purchases for the season by March. And invariably, I would have a few ‘misses’– items I loved, but would end up not wearing often.

Today, heavy rotation is the name of the game. I no longer want clothes that are singular in purpose (save evening wear, swim, etc.) and I am much more realistic about my lifestyle. No office, many meetings, but rarely with the same people more than once, lots of run-around, black tie events are a rarity, etc. This scrutiny is helping me craft a tighter and more wearable wardrobe with hopefully fewer mistakes.

I really want everything above, but will only buy the Isabel Marant top and possibly the Belstaff skirt. But when the sales start, all bets are off!

All items in the KiC shop.

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Paris & New York City Guides

Vogue Paris‘ New York correspondent, Carole Sabas, assembled her favorite spots into two small booklets to give to visiting friends and family. Listing the best place for a facial, morning yoga, drinks with friends, etc.– Abrams is now making Sabas’ Paris and New York guides available to everyone. Lucky us!

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What Maisie Knew

Okay, I whiffed it on the photography show (been one of those weeks), so maybe a movie. A modern day adaptation of a Henry James novel starring Julianne Moore– I’m there.

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Rainy day roaming

Photographer Paul McDonough at the Sasha Wolf Gallery

It’s the first rainy day we’ve had in a while; no complaints, the garden needs it. Perfect for an afternoon downtown. The Tory Burch blog posted on the Paul McDonough exhibit which looks great (but unfortunately ended 3 days ago, grrr!). Instead, I will pop into Isabel Marant and then have lunch at Dig Inn. Bliss.

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Snake is a neutral cont.

A few weeks ago I posted on the pieces that I am currently wearing as I run around and mentioned that I am looking for a new pair of snake flats. And ta-da! I had put the perfect pair in the KiC shop eons ago. Comfy and half the price of the Chloe’s I was eyeing– a definite win-win.

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Navy Nails

Nail polish is rarely a topic on KiC because I don’t often wear it. Recently, my older daughter asked me to look for a dark blue to send to her at boarding school. I found this shade and admit that I am tempted to try it on my toes. Hey, navy is the perfect neutral and goes with everything, right?

Nail color Bobbing for Baubles #1001

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What decade is this?

Multi-decade fashion trends

Boho and Punk and Grunge, oh my. Mod at Vuitton and Miuccia Prada’s roaring 20’s costumes for “The Great Gatsby” will no doubt inspire many magazine editorials. It’s no wonder modern women live in skinny jeans, sweaters, and flats– there are too many retro offerings.

From this time warp smorgasbord, a little bit of Boho gets my vote. Perhaps an Isabel Marant embroidered top with my skinnies and flats this spring…

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Paris Vogue

I am posting this picture from Paris Vogue’s May issue simply because it makes me smile. Edita is adorable and Geraldine Saglio’s styling is spot-on–  doesn’t this pic just make you happy?

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“Fresh Cuts” in the WSJ.

These images of Liya are truly breathtaking and I was thinking about them, and the stunning draping and craftsmanship of the clothes, when I posted on date night tops earlier. The Dior top above is a masterpiece of tailoring, and how beautiful is the Celine top with the double straps below. The Calvin Klein Collection dress at the very bottom is simply a work of art.

Liya Kebede photographed by Josh Olins and styled by Alastair McKimm for the WSJ.

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