Office Chic


Lonny Mag office

Michelle Adams' office at Lonny Magazine

I love everything about this office especially the drapes and oversized photograph. We spend so much time working that our office should look great and be inviting. Michelle Adams, the Editor in Chief of Lonny Magazine suggests that we should fill it with the things we love. Very chic advice.

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what's new


The rockstud leather point-toe flats


Lace-up cotton-blend waist belt


Hammock leather and raffia tote


Lace-up cotton-blend waist belt


Small textured-leather tote

Mother Of Pearl

Cotton-blend tweed hooded top

The Row

Strapless smocked stretch cotton-blend poplin midi dress


Silk crepe de chine and ribbed-knit dress


Stretch-knit boots


Cotton-blend poplin trench coat


Cropped cotton-blend straight-leg pants


Poplin midi dress

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Forget hats, I crave crazy good shoes!

Vionnet shoe


Despite the rain, I had a great time at the Central Park Conservancy “hat” luncheon last week and the best way to see all the millinery finery is through Bill Cunningham’s lens.

However, I left the lunch thinking not about hats but more about shoes. The rain gear de rigueur was Louboutin’s nude patent leather pumps yet the insane hats had me craving fantastical footwear instead. Yes I have my studded Valentino’s that I am quickly wearing out, but what I really want right now is a very high statement shoe.

What could be easier than a simple dress paired with a fabulous heel!

Tabitha Simmons shoe

Tabitha Simmons

Isabel Marant shoe

Isabel Marant

Coming in May

I have been waiting for la Prairie to launch a tinted moisturizer forever and lo and behold it will be in stores next month. Initially Hydra Tint will only be available in four shades.  Yet if it is anything like the other La Prairie products, it is sure to be great.  I wear little to no makeup so it is super important that my skin looks the best it can. I will give this product a test drive and let you know.

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L’Amour Fou

L'Amour Fou

Tablet Talk has a clip from L’Amour Fou, a documentary about Yves Saint Laurent and his lover/business partner Pierre Berger. The film focuses on the sale of their incredible art collection following Yves’ death.

L’Amour Fou  will be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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Happy Birthday Grace!

Today is Grace Coddington’s 70th birthday. We crossed paths recently at the Balenciaga exhibition and she looked as gorgeous as ever. Hard to believe that this picture was taken 20 years ago at her 50th which we celebrated at Indochine. Seems like yesterday and yet it was actually a lifetime ago.

Vogue went back to Indochine for her 70th and pictures from the party are on


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Il Pellicano

Rizzoli pays homage to the famed Il Pellicano Hotel which was founded in 1965 and is tucked into the cliffs of the Italian coast overlooking the Mediterranean. Photographers Slim Aarons, John Swope and Juergen Teller lend their images of this legendary hotel and it’s bohemian jetset guests to this gorgeous new book.

Located on the Monte Argentario peninsula in Tuscany.

The vintage images are fabulous and make this book a must-have!

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Closet Essentials

Aerin Lauder closet

an old picture of Aerin Lauder’s dressing room

I cleaned out my closet. Nothing was spared from my scrutiny and I ruthlessly tossed things that I had been holding onto for far too long. There may be less in there, but I wear everything I have.

Goop has closets on the brain too and posted a great newsletter last week about spring trends and how to organize and maintain your clothes. But what are closet essentials, the things that make a closet fully functional?

Here is my list.

1. A mirror, 3 way would be ideal

2. A chair

3. Good light

4. A rug (so you can try on shoes at home)

5. Hooks or rack to hang outfits being considered

6. A steamer (I have a Rowenta Precision Valet)

7. Padded hangers and skirt hangers with clips (toss or return all wire hangers from the cleaners).

8. Shoe racks. I do not like my shoes in boxes because I forget I have them.

9. A small table to put out accessories being considered

10. Bowls for odds and ends, a trash can and a laundry basket

11. A push-pin board with pictures of inspirational outfits, list of clothing needs, etc.

I love this big mirror leaning against the wall

I like to be able to see what I own and have belts hung on hooks on the wall and handbags are on shelves. My shoes are on open shelves too. The downside to having everything out is you need to dust frequently.

Ghost: Elizabeth Peyton

elizabeth peyton

The cover of Ghost, Elizabeth Peyton’s upcoming book

American contemporary artist Elizabeth Peyton is one of the most important painters of her generation. Ghost: Elizabeth Peyton will be the first in-depth exploration of the artist as a printmaker. I am a huge fan of her work and would love to own one of her portraits. Below a few of my favorites.

self-portrait (E P reading) 2005, elizabeth peyton

Self-portrait from 2005

I especially love her paintings of children.

elizabeth peyton


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Clutch + Stuff = Dilemma

This Celine pouch is the right idea but just not right. I love that it is soft with a simple zip top, however the color and size are problematic. Salmon? Really not sure. And as you can see, I am struggling with editing my “necessities”. tbc

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Kristina O’Neill

I have been desperately trying to figure out how to describe my good friend, Kristina O’Neill, a former colleague and editor of the WSJ. magazine. My best? She is very much like Jo in Little Women. Kristina is one of the most authentic women in fashion I know. Enthusiastic, completely lacking in pretense (a feat in itself when it comes to fashion), hard-working, and glamorous without really realizing so. Kristina is a working mother with a gorgeous daughter and adorable husband.

I have watched her grow into her position over the years and am proud and not at all surprised at what she has accomplished. Despite her hectic schedule, she was happy to answer my extensive questionnaire. Of course, so am I….

Current Uniform: Black, black, and more black. I am making a real effort to pull myself together more, and black seems to be the easiest route. That means I’m mixing all my shades and textures, so a typical outfit is my thick linen Alexander Wang jacket with an ankle-length Zero dress, Uniqlo heat-tech tights, and my suede Burberry wedges from last winter. I bought a pair of Celine tuxedo pants with a satin cummerbund that I love wearing with a white T-shirt, my Rick Owens motorcycle jacket, and my Michael Kors Mongolian vest. I am not precious about my clothes, and the more push-pull in an outfit the better. I am STILL rocking my Balmain fringe boots from a few years back—those are going to be hard to retire. I’ve also been wearing red lipstick morning, noon, and night.

Weekend Uniform: I wish I could say that it’s a huge departure from my workweek uniform, but it’s not: more black! Current/Elliot dark-gray jeans, Alexander Wang sweatshirts and T-shirts. It’s been so cold, I broke down and bought a Patagonia vest to layer under everything—my puffer, my furs. I haven’t felt the real motivation to put on proper footwear, just my trusty L.L. Bean boots.

What are you obsessed with for spring? I just bought my first Zero Maria Cornejo dress, and boy do I feel late to the party. Not sure how I’ve gone this long without her in my closet. I also loved all the denim on the runways, especially at Celine. I will probably splurge on the denim tunic when I’m in Paris.

Current favorite bag and shoes: A navy-blue quilted Chanel 2.55. It’s a bit oversize and feels so right against all the black. I’ve been on the hunt for a red jersey 2.55, but I haven’t had any luck. (Karl, if you are reading this, please reissue!) I wish I could say there’s some new footwear in my wardrobe, but I’ve been pretty uninspired lately. So back to the Burberry and Balmain boots!

You can never have too many… Striped T-shirts. My friends are ready to have a stripe-rvention!

Women whose style inspires you: Duh, Kate Moss! But also Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, and Sofia Coppola.

Kristina O'Neill

Carrying her Papier + notebooks and wearing K. Jacques sandals

Five essentials: couldn’t help myself, I did 10!
1. Quelques Fleurs perfume, so granny but so right!
2. Cartier stationery with my name engraved in hot pink
3. Papier + clothbound notebooks in gray
4. My stack of gold rings. I wear five on my ring finger—a superthin Jennifer Meyer with a teeny-tiny diamond, a superthin Caitlin Mociun band, my grandmother’s engagement ring from 1946 engraved with my grandfather’s name, a Cartier Entrelacés ring, and an organic Dean Harris ring my husband gave me as a “ring holder” when we got engaged and I couldn’t make up my mind about an engagement ring. The irony is that I only wear this ring now!
5. Falke tights
6. By Terry Baume de Rose
7. Klorane dry shampoo—non-areosol
8. Color with Reyed at Fekkai
9. Lancôme Red Haute lipstick
10. K. Jacques gladiator sandals. I always have three or four pairs in rotation when the weather warms up. I already bought my summer ones—red suede Fregate fringe gladiators and the classic Agopos in silver.

Hotel: The Lancaster in Paris

Favorite vacation spot: Bluefields Bay, Jamaica, and my parents’ house in Virginia. But I’m also very fond of the staycation.

Long-flight musts:
Back issues of The New Yorker and current issues of Grazia, People and Us Weekly
Armand Diradourian cashmere blanket
Lots of water to balance out the wine!

Favorite sites: I’m a Net-a-Porter fiend. I very rarely set foot into brick-and mortar stores these days, so almost all of my purchases come from NAP. I also love and

Being a WORKING mom means… There’s no such thing as quantity time; it’s all about quality.

Favorite non-work activity: QT with my husband and daughter