Givenchy Girls

Carine Roitfeld not only styled Amanda Seyfried and model, Dalianah Arekion, for the Givenchy fw13 campaign, she cast herself, and daughter Julia, too.

Not usually a mixed print fan, there’s something about these looks that I find super chic.

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Mohair-blend sweater


Charlotte medium leather bag


Kim square sunglasses


Charlotte leather-trimmed canvas bag


Classic Tribute 75 leather plateau sandals


Tori paneled boyfriend jeans


Lauren 1980 intrecciato leather clutch


Oversized wool-blend cape


Den high-rise straight-leg jeans


Le Marais leather boots


Square belt bag

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Will you wear the Vara?

Ferragamo hired socialite photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank to shoot a number of the current members of the stylish set wearing the brand’s iconic Vara and Varina pumps. Each girl custom designed her own pair, and now you can too.

Classic tan with white jeans could be chic.

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Bee Haven to the rescue

A few days ago my dogs trampled my beloved ‘Mr. Henry Cox’ geraniums below. I love their unusual coloring– not your typical garish red flowers with lime green leaves bought-at-Home-Depot variety.

After berating the dogs, I collected the broken stems and hit YouTube for a tutorial in geranium propagation. Up popped an English gardener with a great how-to video on the best way to save my plants. The most interesting bit, dip the stems in honey before planting. So I did just that and I’ll let you know if it works.

I shouldn’t be surprised, honey is purported to be nature’s best cure-all.

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“The New Classics” in the WSJ.

Natalia shot by Alasdair Mclellan with Anastasia Barbieri’s spot-on styling = a knockout cover.  And The Row sweater is certainly a covetable piece for fall. The WSJ. gets it right again!

On newsstands May 25th

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Do the twist

Ponytail fashion

The top knot bun is not my thing, but this low, messy twist is really gorgeous. I love the just-out-of-bed sensibility. Now I need to learn how to do it…

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I need new sneakers (I’m still trying to replace my Supergas which are too narrow) and I like this cool collaboration between A.P.C. and Nike. Love the tan ones, but not a fan of high tops. TBC.

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Saint Laurent Paris Pre-Fall

Hedi Slimane, creative director at Saint Laurent Paris, photographed the house’s Pre-Fall campaign. Images of Freja wearing looks from the collection are juxtaposed with shots of the newly redesigned Saint Laurent flagship store.

I love the strong, sexy, slightly masculine, Saint Laurent woman. Makes me wonder if some of my clothing choices are too girlish.

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Green with Ivy

The May issue of Lonny hit my inbox last week and these are my favorite images. The new Lonny team has kept the best of the founders’ ideas and edited the length of the home stories, a huge improvement.

I know that ivy is invasive and destructive, but I still love it. It makes a house look cozy and one with nature.

Want vs. Need cont.

Isabel Marant

Thank you for the thoughtful comments yesterday. My favorite nugget is from Mia when she refers to “(her) imaginary life trap”, an issue I’ve wrestled with and somewhat curbed. I too have those moments of lusting for an item that just has no purpose in my life, but have learned to take a pass. I don’t have to own everything I love.

The catalyst for these posts was the realization that I shop for and buy dresses, but live in pants, and in the summer, skirts. Yes, a dress is easy, but how many times can I wear it in a week, a month, a season? Granted I can change up the accessories, add tights and a jacket, but the reality is, I don’t run-around in dresses.

So, even though the Marant top is a special and identifiable piece, I will wear it often (‘heavy rotation’) with jeans and skirts. This was a big step for me since I had the dress version of this print on my wish list since the show last fall…

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Want vs. Need

Isabel Marant, Givenchy

One of the reasons I have not posted many spring picks is because I am thinking hard about what I need before I buy. Years past I would have made all of my purchases for the season by March. And invariably, I would have a few ‘misses’– items I loved, but would end up not wearing often.

Today, heavy rotation is the name of the game. I no longer want clothes that are singular in purpose (save evening wear, swim, etc.) and I am much more realistic about my lifestyle. No office, many meetings, but rarely with the same people more than once, lots of run-around, black tie events are a rarity, etc. This scrutiny is helping me craft a tighter and more wearable wardrobe with hopefully fewer mistakes.

I really want everything above, but will only buy the Isabel Marant top and possibly the Belstaff skirt. But when the sales start, all bets are off!

All items in the KiC shop.

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