Sticker Shock

A gorgeous Proenza Schouler look from their F/W 13 show

I’m a pretty simple gal– the only things that I am willing to really spend on are educating my girls, riding, and a few new pieces each season to freshen up my wardrobe. But this fall it’s going to be a challenge regarding those ‘few new pieces’. I realize that I spend more than many folks do, but even I have my limits, and some of the things I am loving right now will not make it into my closet. I cannot justify the prices.

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Dorian double-breasted checked cotton-blend tweed coat


Embellished quilted leather gloves


Camberwell leopard-print linen-blend canvas jacket


Le High straight-leg jeans


Ipanema shirred halterneck swimsuit


Hammock small leather tote


W006 Enid mid-rise wide-leg jeans


Silk and linen-blend blazer


Fusain leather sandals


Belted muslin dress


Black velvet bow barrette


Belted cotton-twill midi dress

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Zero to Sixty in W

I love this opening spread from a Fall collections story in the August issue of W. Photographs by Craig McDean and styled by Edward Enninful.

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On My Mind

Amanda Brooks

Amanda Brooks © British Vogue

In the July issue of Bristish Vogue there’s a thoughtful piece by Amanda Brooks in which she talks about her new life in England. I have been thinking about Amanda and her decision to move her family from Manhattan to her husband’s ancestral farm in Oxfordshire. I understand that the impetus was wanting to support her husband’s family during trying times, but I suspect that the unanticipated move became a welcome life-change unto itself.

The focus of the article is how Amanda, most recently the fashion director of Barneys, edited her wardrobe to fit into three suitcases for her yearlong sabbatical. My take-away from the piece is not only how happy her children are in the English countryside, a far cry from life in downtown NYC, but when Amanda says “I was also excited to stop and take stock of my life. I had worked for nearly 20 years in fashion and I was good at it but I had never really felt I had found the job that satisfied me over a long period of time”– this resonated with me.

I felt the same way when we left the Upper East Side to be closer to the barn. Wanting a break, but not happy to stop working completely, I started KiC to fill my time. Amanda’s blog I Love Your Style, back burnered during her year at Barneys, is now her work. Still style focused, the site includes more family posts as Amanda chronicles her farm lifestyle. While still in New York, Amanda was inspired by an article on Ree Drummond and her successful blog, The Pioneer Woman. Ms. Drummond is a mother of four and lives on a cattle ranch outside Pawshuska, Oklahoma. Amanda told the NYT’s “(i)t’s the idea of having a career on your own terms, anywhere” that “got me really fired up”. Hear hear.

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Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

If I needed a new bag for fall (I don’t!), a Celine would top my list. I love tan (camel, saddle, tobacco), it goes with everything.

Image © paperblog

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Étoile Isabel Marant for Fall

This collection has three of my favorite things– over-the-knee boots, cozy sweaters, and a beautiful coat. I’m excited for next season’s offerings.

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Celine for Fall

And they’re off! The Fall campaigns are breaking and once again Daria is the face of Celine. Simply gorgeous, and the blue boots are divine.

Thoughts on the long red nails?

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The Seventeen Watch by Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci

I have been looking for a non-dressy watch. My “sport” watch is still too fancy for the camping trip I’m planning this summer. Love the Seventeen by Riccardo Tisci, designer for Givenchy– 17 is Tisci’s lucky number.

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Off to a Show

Charlotte Casiraghi by Maciek Kobieleski for Self Service Magazine

It’s an exciting day for me, my younger daughter is showing on a horse for the first time. Her beloved pony is better off in a field this summer, so she moved up to a horse and bigger jumps. Cross your fingers for blue ribbons.

In my daughter’s honor I am running one of my all time favorite editorials featuring Charlotte Casiraghi from Self Service Magazine.

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Lovely L’Ombré

© L’Oréal Professionnel

In the summer, not only do I let my hair grow long, I get a tad lazy with color. So the ombré trend is timely. I think I’m an unintentional adopter…

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The Way, Way Back

I know exactly what the title of this new movie refers to, I grew up in the way, way back of our chocolate brown with fake wood paneling, Country Squire station wagon. Every family we knew from Concord to Jupiter Island had one. The youngest of four, I never got to ride “shotgun” or rarely even next to a window. Hating the middle seat, I often opted for the fold-up third row. As we were shuttled around to tennis, the barn, sailing, the club, and friends’ houses, I viewed life from this rear-facing seat.

Except, when we went on trips and needed the luggage space, then I would sit in the front between my parents on the bench seat; this was pre seat belts and child safety anything. On one fateful ski trip in Vermont when I was 5, we were in a horrific accident and I was launched face first into the dashboard and windshield. Thanks to a brilliant plastic surgeon in Boston, I look just like my eldest sister.

“The Way, Way Back”, starring Steve Carell and Toni Collette, got good reviews, and despite my mixed memories of the last seat in the car, I cannot wait to see the film.

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