If I were going to Art Basel Miami…

Art Basel Miami kicks off today. A four day convergence of artists, collectors, gallery owners, and the fashion set. In it’s 11th year, the event seems to grow exponentially each season. As I was declining invitations to a number of goings-on, I started to reminisce about Miami and decided I am going to attend next year.

Although we try to go to Florida every winter to visit my mother in Naples and friends in Palm Beach, I have not been to Miami in ages. Last visit I was a judge at Ford Models’ ‘Supermodel of the Year’ contest. At the magazine, we would often go to Miami for a last minute, warm-weather (re)shoot. Something that could be done in a day, like a cover. Even when I was a child, our trips to Miami were brief. My step father was a television producer and we would pop down for a dinner or meeting.

So next year, I will go to Art Basel for a day. A great dress, sandals and swimsuit should be all I need. If I end up staying longer, I will check out The Webster and pick up something chic.

Isabel Marant dress; Pucci cover-upGold cuffAlaia clutch; Maiyet sandals; Pucci bikini

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Demi-fine 14K gold-plated hoop


Oversized-lapel double-breasted wool-blend coat


Quincy shiny ballerina loafer mule


Pleated checked wool midi skirt


Checked wool blazer


High-rise straight-leg jeans


Blanche leather ankle boots


Bellechasse medium leather-trimmed canvas bag


Double breasted coat


Flared corduroy trousers


Square belt bag


Flared corduroy trousers

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An American in Paris

Alexander Wang with models from his F2012 show © Harper’s Bazaar

It’s expected that Alexander Wang will be named creative director of French fashion house Balenciaga, succeeding Nicolas Ghesquiere. Although Alexander is a controversial choice, I loved his last two collections and am interested to see what he will do with the venerable label. If he brings his sleek, modern, and very wearable sensibility (without becoming too mass), we may all be in luck.

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In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye

I know, another Vogue post, but this documentary, showcasing the work of the Vogue stylists (past and present), looks really good. In my day, they were called sittings editors and shoots were sittings. Regardless of their title, the effort these women put into the images is enormous and they should be recognized for their work. Vogue.com has a clip of the documentary.

In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye premieres on HBO December 6th

Carla Collaboration

France’s former First Lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, guest edits the December issue of Paris Vogue. In one story shot by my fave duo, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Carla, 45, is as gorgeous as ever.

Guest editing doesn’t always work, but the previous Paris Vogue collaborations with Charlotte Casiraghi and Stephanie of Monaco are great and I still reference them.

I am not sure why I didn’t include her in the group shot to celebrate Vogue’s 100th anniversary. Regardless, she will always be one of the original supes in my book.

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With Grace

Top of my gift-giving list is Grace’s recently released memoir. We worked together for 10 years and I can attest that Grace is a true force of nature, tempered by her wicked sense of humor. Exacting and forthright, like Anna, she made my job easy because she knew what she wanted. I am thrilled that she finally put her thoughts and sketches into a book.

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I know why it’s called stuffing…

Doutzen Kroes © Vogue magazine

I didn’t think that I overdid it at Thanksgiving, but my scale would beg to differ. My pants too. So, before the holiday parties ramp up and the gingerbread and sugar plums tempt me, I am going to add a few miles to my daily run/walk and maybe start spinning.

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I am truly thankful

Illustration by Georges Louis LeClerc Buffon

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday– family, friends, food, and no gifts. In the wake of sister storms Sandy and Athena, I am truly thankful to have a home intact and people around me whom I genuinely adore.

Last August we visited our friends’ farm on Mt. Desert Island and they offered us a heritage turkey for Thanksgiving. A freshly plucked, Black Spanish turkey, aka Norfolk Black, arrived via Fedex yesterday. Okay, I take back the no gifts, this is one I won’t turn down.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Bag Lust

Saint Laurent Classic Duffle 24 Bag

Here it is, the Saint Laurent duffle that tops many a wish list. Available for pre order on the Saint Laurent site, this simple and elegant bag is my superstar pick for spring. Both Celine and L.V. put out a duffle in recent seasons, but they just weren’t as sleek as the one above.

I am also smitten with the Saint Laurent campaign- Anya channels a bit of Betty Catroux in the stunning black and white images.

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In the center

Jessica Miller by Richard Burbridge © T magazine

The center part took center stage at the Spring shows. For the past five years I have worn my hair parted down the middle and it suits me.  It’s such an easy and timeless style.

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Blog Crush

Now that I’m on my own at KiC, and no longer chronicling my conversations with a like-minded co-editor, I am spending more time looking at other blogs. I have my short list of ones I follow and check daily, but I started to feel that there must be more blogs out there to love. So, I started with my readers’ and the first one I went to was a winner. THAT’S NOT MY AGE, a site authored by a former fashion magazine editor out of London, focuses on stylish grown-up women, lifestyle, and the goings-on in her world. And her writing style, dry, pithy, and laugh-out-loud funny, makes this blog a must-bookmark.

My favorite bit from “That’s Not My Age” comes from a recent Q&A with Jo Davies, owner of Black White Denim. This snippet from their conversation below should be glued to the back of everyone’s Amex card…

1. Don’t buy a load of shit you’re not going to wear.
2. Have a few remarkable, stand-out pieces that catch people’s attention and help update your wardobe.
3. Wear these with your favourite items – the stuff you keep till it falls apart (I hear you, Jo). I like to have that experience of living with something and knowing it lasts.
4. Avoid anything too trend-driven. The only place I’ve seen a peplum recently is on Downton Abbey.

I hate peplums too– honestly, who needs a ruffle around their waist?

Thank you TNMA!

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