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Holli Rogers

Holli Rogers

It’s no secret that we are obsessed with packing lists. So last week we asked the adorable Holli Rogers of to share with us some of the pieces she will be wearing to the New York and then European shows. But show week got the better of us and the story is a tad late (sorry!). Here she is above unpacking at the Bowery Hotel in NY. Thanks Holli!

3 fashion week pieces: Knitwear!! Especially this time of year, I’m loving my Reed and Wang knits. Colorful and warm, Hawaiian print top from Stella, striped raffia Burberry Prorsum skirt.

3 Spring must-haves: Prints! Ideally pants but mismatched prints are also fun, slipper shoes (always important to have a great pair of flats), color – either in a bright or a light.

Beauty essentials: Elemis day cream and eye serum, Joanna Vargas rejuvenating serum at night, Revlon grow luscious mascara, Killian fragrance, Lucas’ paw paw ointment for any dry areas.

Cannot travel without: My iPod, iPad (now that I’m able to use it for work purposes it’s even more an integral part of my life), several great pairs of shoes – for this trip I have packed my Alaia ankle boots, Louboutin velvet slippers and Mulberry animal print pumps! Holli's favorites 1. Stella top, 2. Mulberry pump, 3. Burberry Prorsum skirt, 4. Alexander Wang sweater, 5. Junya Watanabe dress, 6. Louboutin loafers

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what's new


Intreciatto leather slides


Double-breasted wool twill blazer


Theo raw-edge cowboy ankle boot


Gold-tone clip earrings


Layered denim peplum jacket


Courier cotton shirt


Thais oven raffia and leather skides




Two-Toned Sac 1


Robin silk-satin shirt


Pascalare 70mm boot black suede


Merida cropped cotton-blend twill wide-leg pants

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Jeans and flats

Aerin Lauder at Derek Lam courtesy of Habitually Chic

Aerin is super-chic in her great coat, cuffed jeans and flats at the Derek Lam show.

Perfect show weather

NY show week has started and the weather is perfect- cold enough for some fur bits and fave Fall items, but dry and sunny so we can mix in a few cannot-wait-to-wear Spring pieces. My Miu Miu coat, Sacai dress, Givenchy bag and sandals will get a workout this week.

Ok, maybe not sandals, that is a bit of wishful thinking…

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Forget balance, just say no

Yesterday morning, Heather McGregor aka Mrs. Moneypenny an FT columnist, was interviewed on CNBC’s Squawk Box about her new book Sharpen you Heels. Heather is a successful business woman and mother. She claims that there is no glass ceiling and to succeed, women should not be striving for balance. She posits that we must make choices, and more importantly, learn to say no. I have written a number of posts on searching for balance in my work and family life so as you can imagine, I was glued to the tv.

One of Squawk Box’s hosts pointed out that when a man is a CEO he is not asked how he balances fatherhood and work. Andrew Ross Sorkin, another host, commented that his wife is super-woman and he is awed by all that she accomplishes. Heather countered that women are hardwired to please and men to perform.

To succeed, Mrs. Moneypenny thinks women need to give up the goal of “having it all” or more to the point, taking everything on. Say no to the charity event to be with your family and move the parent/teacher mtg for a work commitment.

In her view, balance is overrated and we need to prioritize. And as Dr. McGregor wittily points out, it may sting like a leg waxing at first, but ultimately, we need to learn to say no.

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I love to lunch

Why are so many women opposed to meeting for lunch? The above story, from the February issue of Vanity Fair, has great vintage images and details the history of “lunching” as a verb. But I am surprised that the women interviewed for the article wouldn’t be caught dead having lunch with their friends today.  So when do they see them? Dinner? That meal is sacrosanct in my book; family time. Breakfast? Ridiculous. Maybe they grab a coffee after yoga…

Lunch seems to have become a social taboo, a signifier of an idle life.  This is sad to me. I love to meet my friends for lunch and try to set one up monthly. We are all as busy as the women interviewed for the story, but an hour a month doesn’t seem to kill any of us. Life is too short to not make time for our friends.

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The simple bag

Courtesy of Vogue February 2012 issue

I love the idea of this story from February Vogue and it came out when I was thinking down the same lines. There are lots of great bags on offer right now and for spring I want something a little more understated. And truly functional- it needs to be large enough and somewhat structured for my iPad and most importantly, it must go over my shoulder. The latter being a big must. I have loved my bottle-green tote and will put it away for next fall, but I want something now that will keep my stuff in place–constantly digging for keys is maddening.

The problem is that I have been a hobo-style girl since I got my first hadbag at Gucci in Rome with my mother in the early 80s (I still have it and it is divine- slouchy, camel calfskin). But, technology has changed my thinking about what I like vs. what I need. I hate when my phone and iPad slip to the bottom of a tote with all my junk piling on top. Cannot be good for their longevity either.

I ended up buying a Givenchy flap-bag and am very happy. It covers all the bases and even though it is from Fall 2011, it is far better suited for spring. Best of all, it was on sale. Equestrian-ish and understated, this bag will go the distance. A true win win in my book.

Courtesy of Vogue February 2012 issue


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Dragon days are here

The year of the Dragon feels powerful and lucky. To celebrate I bought a new Chanel lipstick in Bonheur and will go out for Chinese food with my family. I have not been to China since 1979 and think it is high time for a revisit. We cannot get enough of chinese-red at KiC (it is our logo color after all), for us it is truly powerful and lucky!

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To See: Massimo Vitali

One of our favorite photographers, Massimo Vitali, currently has exhibitions of his work in both New York and London. But they will not be up for much longer. The show at the Brancolini Grimaldi in London is through January 28th and in New York at Bonni Benrubi gallery until February 18th.

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Fashion Director, ELLE

Samira Nasr

Samira photographed for KiC by Marko MacPherson. Celine sweater, A.P.C. jeans, Balmain boots and L.V. bag

We have both known Samira for years having worked together at Vogue ages ago. Samira has been tippy top of our list of chic women to profile as she has that spot-on personal style where everything she owns we want to have too. And now that she is the Fashion Director forELLE, we will all be able to follow her covetable fashion picks.

Born in Canada, Samira came to NY to get her masters in journalism at NYU. She assisted Grace Coddington at Vogue and then became a sought-after stylist in her own right. Samira mixes fashion-forward pieces with über classics and wears everything with an enviable nonchalance. Her personality is as warm and easy going as her style, a fashion diva she is not. When she showed up to be shot for KiC she was the epitome of modern chic and yes, we wanted everything she brought!

Samira Nasr

5 essentials:
Tuxedo jacket: Celine and YSL(12) are my favorites.
Perfect t-shirt: I love Wang and Isabel Marant tees.
Perfect pair of jeans: I love A.P.C. jeans, Isabel Marant skinny slouchy,and vintage high-waisted Levi’s
Alaia dress(14)
A pair of Alaia heels(15) or Manolo Blahnik’s perfect pump

Pieces I will have forever:
My Balenciaga(13) and Celine motorcycle jackets
My Chanel tweed jacket
Hermes 30cm black Birkin(11)
Alaia dress(14)
All my classic Prada knits. If you’re looking for the perfect, simple,
well-made sweater go to Prada!!

Something old that looks new:
I have an old Balenciaga jacket with leather sleeves and a peplum that
I’m in love with again.
My old Balenciaga Barbour jacket (but it never looked old to me).

What inspires me:
Music: Bob Marley, Sam Cooke, and Miles Davis(5) just got me through my
recent move. I love old and new but go through phases.
Photography: Vivane Sassen (1), Ryan McGinley(4), Daido Moriyama, Bruce Davidson(3), and Lee Friedlander to name a few.
Books: Currently reading The Cat’s Table by Michael Ondaatje
Art: The work of Alexander Calder(6) and Richard Serra(2)
The idea of fearlessness. Total freedom.

Resort/Spring wish list:
From resort, I want Celine looks 2, and 9 (8&10)
From Spring, I want Balenciaga 23 (9)

Wish list for my new apt:
I would love a pair of George Nakashima side tables(7) for my bed, and a
Charlotte Perriand sideboard.

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My new silhouette

Courtesy of American Vogue

I have been an a-line (tent) dress girl forever and completely ignoring my waist. However, the above image has been sitting on my desktop for ages and it has inspired a new look for me. The trim top and softer skirt is really appealing and fresh. Certainly a welcome change from my often shapeless shifts.

Valentino Spring

It’s an easy look- just zip it up and add great sandals.

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