Saint Laurent is in

In stores that is. The first delivery of Hedi Slimane’s debut Saint Laurent collection is here.

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What's New


Collection gold, silver and diamond ring


Ira ribbed cashmere turtleneck sweater


Wendell cropped high-rise wide-leg jeans


Francoise gold-plated lapis lazuli earrings


Grosgrain-trimmed lady tunic


Cross3 leather cross-body bag


Double-breasted wool-twill coat


Oversized alpaca and wool-blend sweater


Alpaca and wool-blend midi skirt




Hooded wool-blend duffle coat


Jamie alpaca-blend cardigan

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Loving Repossi

The spring Repossi ads, featuring one of my favorite girls, Norwegian model Iselin Steiro, are really beautiful. Photographed by David Sims and styled by Joe McKenna, these gorgeous shots may inspire us all to wear ear cuffs.

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Cruising into spring

Cruise collection

Gucci pants; Derek Lam dress: The Row sweater; Givenchy sandals; IRO jacket; Maison Martin Margiela rings.

Wondering what’s in stores now? Cruise aka Resort aka pre-Spring collections. It’s the season in between fall and spring and it’s a dynamo. Packed with great and wearable pieces (Cruise is not known to be too fashion-forward), yet it often heralds the spring trends to come. There is a wide range of options, from swimwear and sandals (ergo the name Resort), to cashmere sweaters, jackets and booties (the pre-Spring element). This small, but mighty, season has something for everyone and most temperatures.

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Urban Pastoral

I have Brooklyn on the brain. Last week we went for lunch and wandered around a bit afterwards. I am toying with getting a place in Brooklyn Heights (reminds me of Beacon Hill in Boston, my hometown) and this story from Vogue may be the thing that sways me.

We lived for years on the Upper East Side, right on the park. My country-loving family needed to see greenery every day and this worked, for a while. Now we live on the water minutes from the city, but the commute is a bore.

So, we have started to rethink our living situation (keep the cottage for weekends) and Brooklyn is on the list. When I saw what my old Vogue colleague, landscape designer and Vogue Contributing Editor Miranda Brooks, did with her Brooklyn brownstone, especially the outdoor spaces, I am seriously hooked on this borough.

If this is what we decide to do, Miranda will have a new project and neighbor.

Amanda and her adorable husband, architect Bastien Halard.

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It’s good to have L-atitude!

I love to travel and my husband is co-founder of Tablet Hotels, but for some reason, we have not ventured beyond our usual haunts (Martha’s Vineyard, Maine and Palm Beach/Naples Fla.) for some time now. Yes, we went to Paris and L.A., but no far-flung, exotic locales as of late.

One of the best parts of traveling is finding unusual, cannot-buy-at-home items to bring back for myself and friends. Fortunately, there is the fab site L-atitude which offers unique and handmade pieces from all over the world. Alisa Ng, L-atitude’s founder, travels extensively to fill her online shop and we benefit from her far reach and numerous finds.

Thank you L-atitude for including me in your Globe Trotter series!

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The long and the short of it

Proenza Schouler

There are some great jackets from Resort and this one by Proenza Schouler tops my list.  The mixed media, basket weave tweed with black leather trim, is really modern. Paired with jeans and flats, this jacket would anchor a run-around look nicely.

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I just finished “The Casual Vacancy”, JK Rowling’s novel for adults. It was okay. Next up, “Elsewhere”, a memoir by my favorite author, Richard Russo. I love his storytelling because, although his characters live very different lives than mine, somehow their experiences resonate with my own. My favorite Russo novel, “Straight Man”, had me laughing out loud and may deserve a reread.

5 trends I am happy to bid farewell

When KiC launched we agreed that we would only discuss what we like and by omission, our readers could surmise the trends we don’t like. But that was then, and now I singlehandedly edit KiC and think this policy is ridiculous. Here, for the first time, my list of pet-peeve trends that I hope will disappear in 2013.

1. The Platform Pump- This one is first on my list for a reason. I find them so unattractive and cannot for the life of me figure out why they have had such staying power. I don’t mind a platform bootie, but a pump, especially a peep-toe, is just too tranny/trampy for me. I think we should all embrace the return of the single-sole pump.

2. Pajama Dressing- As in wearing a real, honest-to-goodness, men’s inspired PJ top. Especially with pearls, this is not a good look.

3. Print Overload- I actually adore prints, but head to toe, all-mixed-up, ‘please take my picture’ outfits should be outlawed.

4. Biker Jacket- I just bought my daughter a gorgeous olive leather jacket, and I still LOVE leather and ‘moto-inspired’ for spring. But a literal, tough-edged biker jacket is a piece that has had it’s comeback moment.

5. Pithy T shirts-  They are silly and juvenile and I just don’t like to wear irony. By all means make a statement with your clothes, just not with what they say.

The peplum almost made this list…

I realize that many will disagree with my list. Please feel free to add your own pet-peeves.

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Cross your heart

For the past two years the fashion world has been clutch crazy. When the clutch first popped up on runways and tucked under show-goers arms, I had to convince my friends that carrying one was easier and more practical than a massive shoulder bag. ‘Edit and carry less’ became the mantra to support the trend.

That’s all well and good, and a clutch is great for evening, but as a practical run-around bag, I have changed my mind. Doing errands with a clutch tucked under my arm or worse, in my hand, is annoying and just not practical. Also not terribly safe as I have to put it down so often. Sunday we went to see Coldplay at the Barclay Center (amazing!) and neither a clutch nor a shoulder bag was a great option. I wish I had a mini cross-body bag.

Cross-body bags are certainly not new, but out of sheer need, I really want one. If you have a bust (as I do), this style may not have topped your list. But with a coat or parka, a messenger-style bag would work and I am going to give one a try.

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‘New Year, New Look, New Attitude’

I pinched a cover line from Vogue’s January issue for the title of this post because it sums up my thoughts on dressing in 2013 precisely. It’s time for a change (I also just really like the cover).

Last week I posted on building an outfit around one sensational piece, and the Saint Laurent look on Gwen Stefani is a perfect example of this new approach to dressing, especially for evening.

We will be home with friends and family to ring in the new year. Last year’s (too literal) pajama trend as hostess-wear was not my thing, but fun, not-too-serious, party-ready pants are on my radar this holiday season. Instead of the jacket as the focal point, a metallic or lace pant will take center stage. Paired with one of my favorite (old and well-loved) cashmere sweaters, flats, and the Larkspur & Hawk earrings my husband gave me for Christmas, this will be my look when I welcome my guests on New Year’s Eve.

Valentino flatsAlice + Olivia pants; Jil Sander sweaterAurelie Bidermann cuffHawk & Larkspur earrings.

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