Fall tweak

Kick Kennedy

Image of Kick Kennedy © Town & Country December 2012 issue

Do you ever get fashion fatigue? Here we are mid November, Fall clothes have been in the stores since August, and I am not ready to invest whole-heartedly in Resort pieces yet. Solution? A tweak– an item that becomes a game-changer in your wardrobe and doesn’t break the bank. The denim shirt from J.Crew is my answer. Thrown over the divine Balmain pants above (not a tweak at $6,000.) or paired with a black leather skirt (or any great piece you already have), and voila, your outfit is updated.

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What's New


Croc-effect leather slippers


Cotton-drill shirt


Iacopo double band sandal


Belted trench


Brook leather belt


Egon nappa leather sandals


Obi leather waist belt


Sora cotton-blend poplin maxi dress


Eastwood thong wrap sandals


Leather clutch


Paola strapless crepe midi dress


Iacopo double band sandal

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Gucci Girl

Hands down, Gucci’s Fall ad campaign, ‘Forever Now’ with Charlotte Casiraghi, is my favorite. Inez and Vinoodh shot the stunning black and white images styled with a mid 50’s/beatnik sensibility. I have not bought anything from Gucci in quite some time, but the horse-bit loafers are looking pretty good again.

Tomato red

I was not a fan of the cherry red jeans that were all the rage last year, but I quite like the tomato red pieces that are popping up here and there. The Stella McCartney look above from Resort caught my eye and Nikki Kule has a great matching topper and pant in the same orange-y red in her Spring collection.

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Date Night

I don’t care that Skyfall, the new James Bond film, received so-so reviews. After a hurricane and nor’easter (what’s next, locusts?) I could use an evening out. We went 10 days without power or internet and sadly, many of my friends still have neither. So, a movie with my husband sounds nice and normal right about now.

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That Girl

Kate photographed by Patirck Demarchelier

In all my years casting I rarely hung out with the models. I didn’t want to get involved in their personal lives or feel badly when they were no longer ‘right’ for the magazine or designer I was working for. Kate was my one exception. She was, and is, one of the greatest girls I have known, and not just as a model. Wickedly funny, smart, and kind, Kate made the long hours on set or backstage, bearable.

‘Kate: The Kate Moss Book’, published by Rizzoli New York, is chock-full of the best pictures from Kate’s 25 year career. When she started modeling, the supermodels (Christy, Linda, Naomi) ruled the pages and catwalks. Kate had a different look and was shorter than the ‘big’ girls at the time, but we all knew she was it. And she still is.

To Celebrate her book, Vanity Fair shot Kate for the December 2012 issue cover. The accompanying article by James Fox is very personal and gives insight into the iconic beauty we all love.

Layouts from Vanity Fair’s December 2012 issue


Heather Clawson’s ‘Creativity at Work’

Heather Clawson

Top: Rod Woodson, Heather & Jaime Rummerfield; Bottom, Heather signing her book at High Point © Meg Biram

KiC friend and fellow blogger, Heather Clawson, has just published her first book, ‘Habitually Chic: Creativity at Work’. Whereas her wildly popular site, Habitually Chic, covers the gamut of interior design, lifestyle, fashion, photography, and beyond, Heather’s book, which was released today, focuses on a hand-picked selection of style and design icons photographed in their workspaces. Since I now work at my kitchen table, I am very interested in the environments that inspire creative people. ‘Creativity at Work’ is top of my book list.

I caught up with Heather recently (she is busy on a book signing tour) and she graciously answered a few of my questions. Continue…

Stormy weather

It’s great to live on the water, until you have a hurricane bearing down on you. We are about 50′ from the high tide line and a tidal surge would put the bay smack in our kitchen. I am trying to be zen.  The dogs went to the kennel in case we need to evacuate, I am taking whatever I can upstairs, and the cars will be at the top of the hill. My husband is making donuts and I am keeping the corkscrew out where I can see it.

My thoughts are with all of my readers who are in Sandy’s path. NYC is due the brunt on Monday night so I have scheduled a post for Tuesday and after that, it may be a few days. We’ll see.

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Dreaming of Paris

It’s overcast here and everyone is on edge with the impending storm.  Yesterday I went to stock up on water and batteries but decided instead to pop into Interior Designer Meg Braff’s shop to avoid the pre-hurricane panic at the market. Meg has a wall-sized map of Paris which, if I had the space, would be hanging in my living room.  Every once in a while I stop by to ogle it and count the days until my next trip to the city of lights. This always brightens my day.

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Kule collection launch

Nikki Kule portrait by Marko MacPherson for Keep it Chic

KiC recently caught up with one of our first Style Setters, Nikki Kule. Last summer I was thinking about a kid’s cashmere fisherman-knit sweater that Nikki had designed a few years ago.  I asked her if, by any chance, she had one left over. “You’re in luck!” she replied and proceeded to tell me about the Kule women’s line she had set to debut this fall.

So, with KiC photo team in tow, we stopped by her uber chic (70’s mixed with antiques) apartment to preview the premier Kule collection. You have to remember, despite being an Upper East Side mother of two and head designer of Brooks Brothers’ children’s line, Nikki is super cool and relaxed with boho-meets-prep style. The eponymous collection captures its “preppy luxe” tagline to a T, with perfectly cut grey wool trousers, tailored jackets that are “just so”, sleeveless sweaters, Breton striped tops, and a bunch of great accessories. The entire line, plus some hand-picked “essentials” from MiH, Woolrich, Black Fleece and others, are available on her Kule website.

And yes, there is the most divine cashmere fisherman-knit sweater in her new collection!

You have been successful at designing children’s clothes, what made you want to re-launch Kule as a women’s line?  I have been so lucky to have customers who have been so incredibly supportive over the years and willing to share directly with me what they want and what they are looking for. So many of them asked me to make the kids clothes in their sizes. Also, many of them would wear the kids clothes themselves. I made a couple of capsule collections for women years ago and they did very well.  As soon as my kids grew out of the kids clothes I decided it was time to do something that was pure me.

Who is the Kule customer?  She definitely has style and wants to always look great but she does so in the most effortless way. I want my customers to always feel comfortable but cool and modern at the same time.

You describe Kule as being Preppy Luxe. What is your inspiration for the line?  I love everything that is classic and timeless.  But even with the most iconic styles, fashion is never finished.  I am inspired to reinterpret them in the most luxurious fabrics with a modern take. This season I found inspiration in the Scottish Aran knit sweater, the stripe boat neck tee and an old vintage Fair Isle sweater.  I made them in super luxe cashmere with a sleeker fit to bring the classics to this decade. The preppy look is what I grew up with and what I aspired to wear as a teenager. I was always influenced by the New England aesthetic– the collegiate look from movies like The Graduate and Love Story and stores like LL Bean and Brooks Brothers.

Kule essentials:  Everything I design is meant to be timeless and classic.  That is the definition of an icon and the essence of the Kule brand.  I want my customer to feel that each piece is an investment that they can wear for a long time. I plan to have my basic items, like the cashmere sweaters, always available.

Your fall essentials:  Fall essentials aren’t so much about the items as what I am doing.  For example, I love taking walks in Central Park with my kids on the weekend.  That to me is a ‘fall essential.’ As for clothes, I will be wearing my Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Macintosh bowler bag and Mih oversized white shirt with a Kule Scottie ivory sweater and a Woolrich down coat.

Coming next season:  This was a very small collection that will be sold mainly online.  Next season the collection will include more handbags and I am currently working on shoes. Mostly, I have been working on sourcing globally to expand Kule’s design capabilities and to insure a truly unique look to each piece.

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Frond Memories

Beverly Hills Hotel

First the Ritz Paris, and now the Beverly Hills Hotel is up for a make-over. Sadly, I did not get a chance to check into the Ritz before they closed for two years this past summer. Another great, The Hotel Bel-Air, has finally reopened after a multi-year re-do. I stayed at the Bel-Air often when I was little and I hear the recent updates erased a bit of its charm.

At the risk of sounding like a stick-in-the-mud, I am not loving all the renovations of my favorite hotels. We stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel when visiting my husband’s family, and breakfast in the Fountain Room above before claiming a spot by the pool, is a tradition.  I know first hand that it could hit the refresh button (especially after the hideous changes from the 1980’s), but I am relieved to hear that the palm frond wallpaper is protected and the curved counter is not going to be touched. Phew.

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