The importance of being original

Copycats are not cool

If you knew your friend was wearing a dress to an event, would you buy the same one and wear it too? Would you go to someone’s home and then decorate your living room identically, down to the curtains?  How about liking a website and then imitating it, what would that say about you? I’ll tell you, it says you are a shameless copycat and copycats aren’t chic.

Being inspired by someone’s creative style is great, but blatantly copying them, especially their hard work, is not. Copying shows a lack of original thought and more importantly, hurts the person you steal from.  If you see something that you like, give credit to the creator, that is the gracious thing to do.


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In Tillie Virgin Wool-Blend Skirt


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Horsebit square tortoiseshell-acetate sunglasses


Stretch-knit top


Leather belt


Grain de poudre skirt


Gavi crossover-strap leather slides


Wool-blend cardigan


Le Maillon leather sandals


Suzanne mini leather cross-body bag


Jota chain-embellished leather sandals


Broderie-cotton maxi skirt

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Grecian Delight

Chance - Julia Leach

Chance founder and summer devotee, Julia Leach, was inspired by a trip to Greece for her SS13 line. Chance’s past two collections reflected Julia’s half-French/half-American heritage and focused on Riviera and California style respectively. This spring, along with the world’s-most-perfect striped tees, Julia added simple cotton tunics and caftans in Aegean blues for us to covet.

I asked Julia to share her inspiration images and, if she did a perfume for this collection, what would be the mix of scents?
“If I were going to create a fragrance for this collection it would capture the spirit of late spring and early summer on the beautiful island of Paros.  White flowers, including narcissus and sea lily, blended with an undercurrent of lemon, thyme, and splash of salty sea air.  These feminine, light scents with a touch of earthiness evoke the essence of Greece and would bring back memories of my magical trip.”

Available at ChanceBarneys New York

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Bag Crush

The Saint Laurent duffel in bottle green is seriously gorgeous and would be even better next fall…

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What I’ve had my eye on…

I love these Altuzarra pieces from Spring and now that they are on sale, I would consider them. The Lanvin sandals are good too.

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Prepping the picnic

Week before last I went to see KiC profile Jennifer Rudick’s documentary, Diner en Blanc. The film, which chronicles the planning of the yearly flash mob dinner staged in Paris, completely inspired me. Most impressive is the amount of thought that goes into each participant’s menu. Not only are the attendees required to wear white, everyone must provide their own food, table, chairs, cutlery, glassware, plates, and most importanly, wine. The primary focus of the film is the prep for this famous picnic.

In the spirit of Diner en Blanc, we are going to celebrate today with an amped up sunset picnic. No pb&j’s wrapped in waxed paper, but rather, lobster salad, a good loaf of bread, and of course, a nice bottle of wine.

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Givenchy Girls

Carine Roitfeld not only styled Amanda Seyfried and model, Dalianah Arekion, for the Givenchy fw13 campaign, she cast herself, and daughter Julia, too.

Not usually a mixed print fan, there’s something about these looks that I find super chic.

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Will you wear the Vara?

Ferragamo hired socialite photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank to shoot a number of the current members of the stylish set wearing the brand’s iconic Vara and Varina pumps. Each girl custom designed her own pair, and now you can too.

Classic tan with white jeans could be chic.

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Bee Haven to the rescue

A few days ago my dogs trampled my beloved ‘Mr. Henry Cox’ geraniums below. I love their unusual coloring– not your typical garish red flowers with lime green leaves bought-at-Home-Depot variety.

After berating the dogs, I collected the broken stems and hit YouTube for a tutorial in geranium propagation. Up popped an English gardener with a great how-to video on the best way to save my plants. The most interesting bit, dip the stems in honey before planting. So I did just that and I’ll let you know if it works.

I shouldn’t be surprised, honey is purported to be nature’s best cure-all.

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“The New Classics” in the WSJ.

Natalia shot by Alasdair Mclellan with Anastasia Barbieri’s spot-on styling = a knockout cover.  And The Row sweater is certainly a covetable piece for fall. The WSJ. gets it right again!

On newsstands May 25th

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Do the twist

Ponytail fashion

The top knot bun is not my thing, but this low, messy twist is really gorgeous. I love the just-out-of-bed sensibility. Now I need to learn how to do it…

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