With Grace

Top of my gift-giving list is Grace’s recently released memoir. We worked together for 10 years and I can attest that Grace is a true force of nature, tempered by her wicked sense of humor. Exacting and forthright, like Anna, she made my job easy because she knew what she wanted. I am thrilled that she finally put her thoughts and sketches into a book.

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Oversized round sunglasses


Hooded leather-trimmed shearling jacket


Leather-trimmed cashmere tote


Hooded quilted coated-shell jacket


Metallic leather sandals


Leather-trimmed cotton-corduroy blazer


Hooded shearling jacket


Giselle jumper


Libra ribbed cashmere bodysuit


Lilibet wool and silk-blend crepe midi dress


Tubular Leather Knee Boots


Denim jacket

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I know why it’s called stuffing…

Doutzen Kroes © Vogue magazine

I didn’t think that I overdid it at Thanksgiving, but my scale would beg to differ. My pants too. So, before the holiday parties ramp up and the gingerbread and sugar plums tempt me, I am going to add a few miles to my daily run/walk and maybe start spinning.

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I am truly thankful

Illustration by Georges Louis LeClerc Buffon

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday– family, friends, food, and no gifts. In the wake of sister storms Sandy and Athena, I am truly thankful to have a home intact and people around me whom I genuinely adore.

Last August we visited our friends’ farm on Mt. Desert Island and they offered us a heritage turkey for Thanksgiving. A freshly plucked, Black Spanish turkey, aka Norfolk Black, arrived via Fedex yesterday. Okay, I take back the no gifts, this is one I won’t turn down.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Bag Lust

Saint Laurent Classic Duffle 24 Bag

Here it is, the Saint Laurent duffle that tops many a wish list. Available for pre order on the Saint Laurent site, this simple and elegant bag is my superstar pick for spring. Both Celine and L.V. put out a duffle in recent seasons, but they just weren’t as sleek as the one above.

I am also smitten with the Saint Laurent campaign- Anya channels a bit of Betty Catroux in the stunning black and white images.

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In the center

Jessica Miller by Richard Burbridge © T magazine

The center part took center stage at the Spring shows. For the past five years I have worn my hair parted down the middle and it suits me.  It’s such an easy and timeless style.

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Blog Crush

Now that I’m on my own at KiC, and no longer chronicling my conversations with a like-minded co-editor, I am spending more time looking at other blogs. I have my short list of ones I follow and check daily, but I started to feel that there must be more blogs out there to love. So, I started with my readers’ and the first one I went to was a winner. THAT’S NOT MY AGE, a site authored by a former fashion magazine editor out of London, focuses on stylish grown-up women, lifestyle, and the goings-on in her world. And her writing style, dry, pithy, and laugh-out-loud funny, makes this blog a must-bookmark.

My favorite bit from “That’s Not My Age” comes from a recent Q&A with Jo Davies, owner of Black White Denim. This snippet from their conversation below should be glued to the back of everyone’s Amex card…

1. Don’t buy a load of shit you’re not going to wear.
2. Have a few remarkable, stand-out pieces that catch people’s attention and help update your wardobe.
3. Wear these with your favourite items – the stuff you keep till it falls apart (I hear you, Jo). I like to have that experience of living with something and knowing it lasts.
4. Avoid anything too trend-driven. The only place I’ve seen a peplum recently is on Downton Abbey.

I hate peplums too– honestly, who needs a ruffle around their waist?

Thank you TNMA!

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Thanksgiving Break Movie List


Besides food shopping and the never-ending pre-holiday errands, I have a list of movies I want to see this week. “Lincoln” with Daniel Day-Lewis is said to be superb, and call me shallow, but I will see the final installment of the “Twilight” saga with my girls (need to know how it ends!). Also, I’m embarrassed to admit that I still haven’t seen “Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to Travel” and I’ve had “Ethel” recorded for a month now– both documentaries are supposed to be great.


On My Mind

Time flies

I am picking up my older daughter from boarding school today. She will be home for a week and we are starting to look at colleges over this break. Wow, where did the time go.  I have questioned our decision to send her to boarding school recently (I went and hated every minute), but I think she is okay and it has been right for her.  However, I’ll bet she won’t want a small college in the corn fields after spending four years in the hills of Connecticut… At heart, she is a city girl– street smart and independent.

She didn’t start out the maverick she has become. Shy, always slightly outside the circle; I watched her in nursery school waiting patiently to start learning amidst the chaos of 4 year olds. We chose an all-girls grade school in the hope that she would feel empowered and find her voice. I was impressed by Carol Gilligan’s findings on girls in the classroom in her book In a Different Voice. And it worked, our daughter blossomed. She blossomed until late middle school when girls can be very cruel. So we moved to be closer to the barn and let her ride to her heart’s content.

As a parent, were these the right decisions? I took a lot of flack from friends with each move and choice we made. I don’t know if there is a right answer. We did, and still do, what we think is best and with good intentions. In the end, my daughter is an extraordinary young woman (my opinion, I am her mother…). Well adjusted and completely focused on civil and human rights, she has certainly found her passion, and more importantly, her voice.

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Fall Weekend Essentials

This fall my weekend-wear is straight out of “Love Story”. There are so many great pea coats and preppy sweaters to pair with jeans and boots– it’s a snap to put together the perfect off-duty uniform.  With a nod to my New England roots and boarding school days, I have fallen in love with an updated version of my teenaged self. Isabel Marant booties may have replaced my LL Bean duck boots, but the silhouette is basically the same. Hey, if it’s not broke…

Tory Burch pea coat; MiH white jeans; Isabel Marant bootie; Givenchy tote; Isabel Marant sweater; Colombo scarf; A.P.C. striped wool sweater; Vince bootie; Margaret Howell Duffle coat.

Fall tweak

Kick Kennedy

Image of Kick Kennedy © Town & Country December 2012 issue

Do you ever get fashion fatigue? Here we are mid November, Fall clothes have been in the stores since August, and I am not ready to invest whole-heartedly in Resort pieces yet. Solution? A tweak– an item that becomes a game-changer in your wardrobe and doesn’t break the bank. The denim shirt from J.Crew is my answer. Thrown over the divine Balmain pants above (not a tweak at $6,000.) or paired with a black leather skirt (or any great piece you already have), and voila, your outfit is updated.

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