The Way, Way Back

I know exactly what the title of this new movie refers to, I grew up in the way, way back of our chocolate brown with fake wood paneling, Country Squire station wagon. Every family we knew from Concord to Jupiter Island had one. The youngest of four, I never got to ride “shotgun” or rarely even next to a window. Hating the middle seat, I often opted for the fold-up third row. As we were shuttled around to tennis, the barn, sailing, the club, and friends’ houses, I viewed life from this rear-facing seat.

Except, when we went on trips and needed the luggage space, then I would sit in the front between my parents on the bench seat; this was pre seat belts and child safety anything. On one fateful ski trip in Vermont when I was 5, we were in a horrific accident and I was launched face first into the dashboard and windshield. Thanks to a brilliant plastic surgeon in Boston, I look just like my eldest sister.

“The Way, Way Back”, starring Steve Carell and Toni Collette, got good reviews, and despite my mixed memories of the last seat in the car, I cannot wait to see the film.

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Laser-engraved logo belt


Belted leather biker jacket

Jil Sander

Gathered Knit Midi Dress


Cropped leather jacket


Triple Francois 18kt gold vermeil earrings


Jimmy Leather Puffer Jacket


Le 57 quilted leather shoulder bag


Belted wool blazer


Blade velvet slingback pumps


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Logo-embellished leather loafers


Crocheted Cotton-Blend Midi Skirt

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Summer Essential #2

Summer Essentials Sunglasses

Last summer I was on the hunt for the perfect aviators– Dita’s gold frame with amber lenses were the ones. My Tom Ford sunnies with a light brown plastic frame are still in heavy rotation too.

Looking to shake it up a bit this summer, I’m trying aviators with blue lenses and also round tortoiseshell framed sunglasses. It just depends on which ones suit my face. Sunglasses are a quick (and don’t have to be expensive) way to change your look.

All sunglasses in the KiC shop

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Garden Envy

David L. Culp’s cottage and garden © The New York Times

A small, fun fact about yours truly, I don’t have house envy. I have never coveted a friend’s or neighbor’s home and have been fortunate to have rented or owned the perfect apartment or cottage that suited our needs at the time.

But I do have serious garden envy. Our garden is lovingly maintained by my husband (I tend the potted plants), and we grow mostly vegetables and wildflowers. Roses were not a huge success and the ones that remain drowned in the early June rains. David L. Culp, whose garden was featured recently in The New York Times, said that his heirloom roses did not do well in the wet spring either. Despite that, he has over 3,000. varieties of plants at his home in Downington, PA. Along with a 1790s farmhouse, this is worthy of envy.

I keep toying with putting out a bench like the one below.

Accessories Designer

Clare Vivier

Clare Vivier

Clockwise from top left: Clare’s garden at home, grey basket weave messenger bag & silver clutch in the Clare Vivier flagship store in Silver Lake, Clare in the store, kitchen vignette, La Tropezienne in white, Silver Lake store, 2 zip wallets and iPhone case, Clare’s signature tag and personal jewelry.

I asked Agnes Baddoo, an early style setter, if she would be willing to photograph and cover a few of her favorite L.A. women for KiC. Thankfully, she agreed and here is her first guest profile.

Agnes Baddoo

Agnes Baddoo is a stylist, author and creator of Everyw’air aromatherapy products and a newly launched line of accessories.

It’s true that Clare Vivier started her bag empire out of her own need for a durable, yet stylish laptop bag, but to me, the appeal is much more significant than that. In my opinion, clare basically re-invented the wheel or maybe re-set the clock on the course of covetous accessories. She’s Joan and David, Coach, and il bisonte all rolled into one– but with her own colorful flair.

When I first met Clare around 2007 or ’08, “it bags” were wearing their owners and the fashion climate was in the throes of bells, whistles, zippers and blazing logos. As someone reared on boat totes, Danish school bags, leather saddle bags, Coach buckets, and il bisonte classics, I kept my head down and happily sat out the craze. Then, as luck would have it, I ran into Clare with a prototype of her now classic tote, the Le Tropezienne, with it’s simple and practical zip pouch inside.  Small enough to tote, large enough for the laptop and other sundries — it’s the perfect gal-on-the-go bag.  Finally, fashion shifted on it’s axis and returned to timeless classics and Clare’s moment arrived.

Her all purpose, multifunctional, well crafted, mostly leather  bags, totes, clutches, duffles, cross bodies, catch-alls, card cases, etc. come in a variety of colors to accessorize your every whim. Plus, the bags are well priced and therefore lovingly collectable. These are simple, elegant accessories for a broad cross section of lifestyles, and for the whole family really.  And no two people wear them the same. Like the classics I grew up with, Vivier accessories are age-proof — mothers and daughters can share, trade, or borrow without asking “is this too old/young for me?”. The styles and colors can go in and out of your wardrobe rotation, but you’ll keep them forever — and a forever piece is cost effective. Now, that’s chic.


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Pale for Fall

As I was loading items into the KiC shop this morning, up popped this fresh fall look on Net-a-Porter. I want every piece, especially the long cable-knit sweater and pale boots. To quote my old friend Polly Mellen, “divine”!


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Summer Essential #1

Humidity + my hair = disaster. Dry shampoo is my trick to perk up my roots.

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Pretty in print

By Eric Guillemain for The Sunday Times Style 

A few weeks ago I posted that I am wearing more feminine (fewer shapeless A-line) summer dresses, and this Bottega Veneta print is precisely what I’m loving right now. The longer hem is super chic too.

The complete story in Fashion Gone Rogue.

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My two scents

It’s been brutally hot and humid; the candles I usually burn are too cloying in this weather. My new favorites are Rosemary and Lavender by Izola. They are heavenly.

I get mine at Waxwing.

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James Turrell’s Aten Reign at the Guggenheim

It takes something big to get me into the city during a heat wave, but the James Turrell LED light show in the rotunda of the Guggenheim will be worth it.

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You may have noticed that your comments no longer get launched immediately, they are held for approval. This is a common practice on blogs. Please know that I don’t only publish the comments that agree with me; I love when you have differing and dissenting opinions and often go back and recant my stance. The moto jacket is a good example. It went on my ‘no-no’ list, but after I got a lot of great arguments in its favor, I changed my position.

But comments that insult me (or other commenters) will no longer be shared. Recently, I was offended by a reader’s cruel personal remarks and I came out swinging. The back and forth was not a chic dialogue, and although another reader weighed in that I should publish all comments, even the ones that “ouch”, I disagree. I refuse to promote unkindness.

Image © Shanna Murray Illustrated.

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