Dragon days are here

The year of the Dragon feels powerful and lucky. To celebrate I bought a new Chanel lipstick in Bonheur and will go out for Chinese food with my family. I have not been to China since 1979 and think it is high time for a revisit. We cannot get enough of chinese-red at KiC (it is our logo color after all), for us it is truly powerful and lucky!

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What's New


Gucci Horsebit 1955 small bag


Belted wool-twill jacket


Hooded virgin-wool duffel coat


Belted distressed denim jacket


Hooded velvet cape


Hooded wool duffle coat


Cashmere sweater


Cotton-blend minidress


Longline virgin-wool tunic


Tubular Leather Knee Boots


Haines Ribbed-Knit Cardigan


Monfumo Leather Hiking Boots

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To See: Massimo Vitali

One of our favorite photographers, Massimo Vitali, currently has exhibitions of his work in both New York and London. But they will not be up for much longer. The show at the Brancolini Grimaldi in London is through January 28th and in New York at Bonni Benrubi gallery until February 18th.

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My new silhouette

Courtesy of American Vogue

I have been an a-line (tent) dress girl forever and completely ignoring my waist. However, the above image has been sitting on my desktop for ages and it has inspired a new look for me. The trim top and softer skirt is really appealing and fresh. Certainly a welcome change from my often shapeless shifts.

Valentino Spring

It’s an easy look- just zip it up and add great sandals.

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Never too many

How could I resist? A friend said I can justify them by thinking of myself as a collector… These Valentino sandals are beyond gorgeous and I will live in them this summer.

I don’t buy a lot from Spring, many of my picks come from the Resort collections. I try to add 2 or 3 new pieces (usually accessories) that will update my wardrobe.

I bought a 1/2 size smaller.

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Challenging the old and embracing the new

Kate Moss by Irving Penn for American Vogue 1996. I asked Kate to do this nude portrait with Mr. Penn and she had no reservations.

I love the days before New Year’s Eve. As the holiday madness winds down, I stop and reflect. Last year I strove to find more balance in my life and I feel that I succeeded. This year I am going to scrutinize some of my routines and update them. Top of my list is skin care. This reaches beyond the products I have been devoted to that now seem to do little. I need to reevaluate what I eat, how I exercise and yes, the crazily overpriced creams and serums that make no significant difference. By focusing on the pieces, I intend to address the whole.

Like Kate, I would like to feel good in my skin.


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A Merry and Happy to you

Love      Peace     Joy

Merry Christmas!


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Gift Guide by Christiane Mack

Christiane, the director of Vogue’s editorial project development and KiC Style Setter,  gave us so many  great gift ideas when we recently profiled her, I thought it best to save them for a holiday post. Her Danish heritage really shines through this time of year and her gift choices reflect a clean, yet somewhat whimsical, Nordic sensibility.  “I love modern design (must be the Danish blood), but can do without the cold aesthetic often associated with it.  I also hate unnecessary items around the house.  If I find something that combines good design, historical context, and function, I’m in heaven. In my opinion, the Miller House and Garden in Indianapolis is the ultimate inspiration and my dream residence.  Now that it’s a museum, I hope to visit next year.”

A great tip from Christiane “my mother kept a gift drawer where she stored little items for last-minute events, so I learned from her.”

Christiane Mack Hostess Gifts


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The 12 days of Christmas

Presents on my daughters’ lists

Years ago I came up with the idea to give each of my girls 12 presents for Christmas. I told them one for each of the 12 Days of Christmas. The real reason was to manage their expectations and not have them want an enormous haul every December 25th. The presents range from a few significant items to books and small things. But the number has stuck and is now a family tradition.

For the first time, I was focused on stockings this holiday. I usually make a last minute (too often Christmas eve) dash to grab “stuff” as filler. Not this year. I am going to look for fun stuffers and will wrap them too.

Geode kit, Hydrogen powered remote control car and ColorKu game from Mindeware Toys

Rock Tumbler and Moshi Moshi handset for iPhone at Amazon

Butet Saddle at Beval Saddlery

Marc Jacobs earrings at Net-a-Porter

Sperry Topsiders

Men’s gift guide by Ridgely Brode

We asked fellow industry insider, mother of 2 boys and new blogger Ridgely Brode to guest edit a men’s gift guide for KiC. At work, Ridgely is a partner and co founder of the p.r. powerhouse Paul Wilmot Communications. But off duty, this working mother is all about her family. I spied a guy’s gift post on her blog Ridgely’s Radar and begged her to do one for us too.

Let’s face it, shopping for the men/boys in our lives can be difficult. Ties and sweaters are a big yawn and our men don’t want fancy doodads either. A chain saw? Hot Sauce? You bet! My husband wants everything on this list.

Thank you Ridgely!

Ridgley's Gift Guide for men


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The extra effort

Lee Radziwill

The Saturday after Thanksgiving our dear friends hosted a casual dinner that boasted no turkey. The group invited consisted of couples, singles, partners- some we have known forever and a few just met. The food was delicious, the wine plentiful and everyone was relieved the holiday was over.

The conversation flitted from funny survival stories of visiting relatives to how to navigate the upcoming Art Basel Miami. I looked around the table at the relaxed group and was impressed by one woman in particular. Most of us were in jeans and sweaters or a nice blouse but my friend had put in a little extra effort. It really struck me that even just lipstick can be a game changer. My friend shone compared to the rest of us. She was not in leopard Louboutins or a statement piece. Her hair was not “done” but it looked tended. She looked put together.

I was reminded that it does not take much and often less is best. Groomed and pretty trumps overtly sexy and elevates every look this holiday season.

Karen Graham

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