Chic Pools

Hotel Ritz in Paris

Last summer I took my younger daughter to Paris for a week in July and it was blisteringly hot. Thankfully we stayed at the Ritz so we could swim. Later in the summer we all went to Beverly Hills and Malibu to visit my husband’s family. Again, it was unbelievably hot and we were saved by staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel with it’s great pool. Today on Long Island it is crazy hot so we are going to take a dip in our gracious friends the Rand’s pool which is chicest of all!

Beverly Hills Hotel

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What's New


Oversized round sunglasses


Hooded leather-trimmed shearling jacket


Leather-trimmed cashmere tote


Hooded quilted coated-shell jacket


Metallic leather sandals


Leather-trimmed cotton-corduroy blazer


Hooded shearling jacket


Giselle jumper


Libra ribbed cashmere bodysuit


Lilibet wool and silk-blend crepe midi dress


Tubular Leather Knee Boots


Denim jacket

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Oriental Rugs

My kitchen

It is so hot that I have rolled up the big sisal rugs so the dogs can sprawl on the cool wood floor. Usually I layer small Oriental rugs on top of the sisal but they look great just on their own and in surprising spots like the kitchen and bath.

My dream kitchen

Courtesy of July/August Elle Decor

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Over the Knee at Any Age

Patti Hansen in August Vogue

At 54 Patti looks incredible. I know many of you don’t love over the knee boots (and these are bit much) but I promise I will convert you all!

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July To Do List

1) Horse shows- above is my older daughter last year on Notorious and my younger daughter just got the world’s cutest grey pony Hillcrest Kacee below.

2) Regattas- driving the girls to Laser and Opti races

3) Stop using pesticides on my roses. I want to keep bees and the pesticides kill them. I was inspired by an article in the NYTs on this subject. If my roses don’t make it, I will put in ones that are hardier and do not need pesticides to survive.

4) Get used to my cell phone ear piece by Wisemove that my friend Lea gave me so I won’t get a brain tumor. Please read the article entitled “Wake Up Call” in the July issue of Vogue on this very scary and relevant topic.

5) Read “We Used to Own The Bronx” by Eve Pell.

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Raquel on the beach courtesy of Vogue magazine

I have one of those sisters- super smart (Phi Beta Kappa, tenured college professor), 3 inches taller than I am and a size zero (maybe a size 2), but you get the idea. If I didn’t adore her, I would definitely have sisterly issues. We are spending a week together in a month at our family home on Martha’s Vineyard. In anticipation of our visit, I am motivated to pull it together over the next four weeks; this picture of Raquel is now tacked above my desk as inspiration!

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In love with Love, Chloe

Raquel Zimmerman at the Love, Chloe perfume launch

I am loving the pictures from the launch party for the new Love, Chloe perfume! Raquel, one of my favorite models who I used endlessly at Vogue and Bazaar and in every show I ever cast, is also one of the nicest girls alive. She is perfect for this 70s inspired, Guy Bourdin-esque moment captured by Roman Coppola who directed the Love, Chloe tv commercial.

And the beige on beige is divine. This campaign continues the neutral palette that we have seen on the runway for the past few seasons and is so unbelievably chic! Continue…

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Looking for the perfect present for a female graduate? My daughter received a Helen Ficalora letter charm on a delicate gold chain yesterday and it is perfection! Wear them singly or pile them on and mix in star, heart, shell and numerous other charms as well. Helen Ficalora has stores in New York City, Beverly Hills, Palm Beach and to shop online.

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Chic Early Summer Dressing

Photographer Lachlan Bailey, Fashion Editor Alistair McKim

I love the styling in these pictures from Harper’s Bazaar- chic, easy and exactly how I want to dress! Continue…

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James Lecce, Artist

Gateway, 2010

I love James Lecce’s paintings because they are so fluid. Continue…

Modern Etiquette

My Smythson stationery

My dear friend hosted a birthday lunch for me yesterday. The food was yummy, the weather divine and the group gathered was terrific. I love when it is a collection of people I know well with new interesting future friends mixed in.

The hostess who is an eco warrior invited us by email. She used a company called Paperless Post and created beautiful virtual invitations. I read a piece in T Magazine on the “correctness” of this practice recently and have been wondering whether it’s chic. I think it is not only chic, but conscientious as well. Granted, I love the presentation of an engraved invitation on heavy card stock, but I am equally saddened when it is tossed out destined for a landfill. That is definitely not chic!

Considering that I am an editor for an online entity, I found the evite to be thoughtful. But what about the thank you note? This time I will write them on my stationery and mail them the old fashioned way. But I hope that in the near future it will be as acceptable to create them virtually. An email is just not the same thing. However, I do like the immediacy of thanking by email. I will investigate if I can simulate my personalized stationery online and will let you know.

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