Saint Laurent 2019 Men's Show

I Spy With My Little Eye: Concho Belts, Continued

Saint Laurent’s design director Anthony Vaccarello presented the Spring 2019 men’s collection (with a few women’s looks) in New Jersey’s Liberty State Park. “New York in the ’70s” was the theme and the look above caught my eye. The hip-slung concho belts firmly reinforces their return as a trend, and the gorgeous top and trousers got me thinking about new silhouettes, as well.


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Printed silk dress


Wool-blend coat


Noma asymmetric wool-blend shirt


Noma wool-blend straight-leg pants


Gathered cotton-poplin top


Cotton-blend gabardine trench coat


Oversized paneled cable-knit wool and poplin top


One-shoulder cotton-jersey top


Square sunglasses


Wool-blend overcoat


Classic medium bag


Knot small hoop earrings made of brass

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My Music

Never In My Wildest Dreams

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be singing along to ‘Africa‘ in 2018.  A 14-year-old female fan badgered Weezer for months and months to cover the 1982 Toto classic and the resulting rendition is fantastic. Even funnier: Weezer messed with the fan by releasing Toto’s ‘Rosanna‘ a week before ‘Africa’.

Okay, I didn’t love (or even like for that matter) Florence + The Machine’s ‘Hunger the first few times I heard it—but it has grown on me and I am looking forward to the rest of the new album High As Hope.

Alex Turner, lead singer of Arctic Monkeys sounds so much like David Bowie on the new album, just listen to ‘Four Out Of Five‘, it’s eerie and great at the same time.

On My Mind


Yesterday was Environment Day and I posted on Instagram about how easy and chic it is to give up plastic shopping bags, plastic bottles, and straws. When a plastic bag was found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench, my heart broke. I live on the water and we pick up trash on the beach as often as we can. The recent issue of Porter has a story photographed in the Maldives and many of the pictures are of the plastic that has washed ashore even in this remote spot. Editor-in-chief Lucy Yeomans is very keen on highlighting this escalating pollution problem and “Porter has partnered with Parley for the Oceans and dedicated their summer campaign to the ocean plastic crisis.”

So, I thought I would offer a few easy alternatives to plastic items that are used daily. And please buy local honey to help battle honey bee colony collapse, another environmental issue that is close to my heart. These would be useful and conscientious hostess gifts.

Filet bags, water bottles, straw market baskets, paper and stainless steel straws.


Hair Help

When it’s not 90° and humid, it’s overcast and rainy—oh, what a spring we’ve had in NYC. I posted a picture of myself on Instagram last week and my hair looked awful; a little more effort is in order (makeup, too, but that’s for another time).  The messy bun à la the Duchess of Sussex never looks as good on me and a ponytail is great, but not all the time. I’m looking for products, short of ’60s hairspray, that will help my hair defy the humidity.

On My Radar

New Magazine: More or Less

Jaime Perlman, a Vogue alum of both the American and British editions, is launching More or Less, a bi-annual magazine that will mix luxury with vintage. Kate Moss is on the debut cover and showcases her famed vintage collection in a story photographed by Ethan James Green. Vogue‘s Mark Holgate spoke with Ms. Perlman and got the scoop.

I’ve been adding more and more resale items to my posts—there are so many sites with great and authenticated finds. As the price of luxury clothing skyrockets and environmental concerns about fast fashion escalate, mixing it up feels modern and conscientious.

On My Mind

Dairy Free

One of the best decisions I made last year was to cut out dairy (only a bite of cheese on occasion). I lost 10 pounds within a few weeks and feel better. There is an article in Vogue Germany that looks interesting (I’m going to find an English version) and the accompanying photo by Grant Cornett above is fantastic.  It took a bit, but I now love almond milk in my coffee and on granola.

Toteme Pre-Fall

Going Grey

The summer sales are in full swing and I’ve cherry picked a few items. Now, I’m thinking about Pre-Fall, which will be available in June—it’s the best season for staples and forever pieces. These looks from Toteme are not only timeless and a good price point, they are exactly what I need.

Images @toteme

Fave Re-Run

Closet Clean Out

Hermes Birkin

The weather is cool and overcast today so we are cleaning out closets. It reminded me of the amazing advice in the comments on this post from May 2015. Wishing everyone a happy Memorial Day!

I love the fickleness of fashion—in, out, in, out, in, out. Just last year, I was ‘over’ the Birkin but, now, it looks kind of good again.

It all started when I found a moth in my closet (any advice on this would be much appreciated) and decided to take everything out. In the process, I’ve unearthed items that I don’t currently wear but, hold on to. My Birkin falls firmly into that category. In a moment of synchronicity, I saw these pictures on Self Service the same day that I started my closet clean out. Maybe it’s a sign.

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Memorial Day

Long Weekend Ahead

For some reason, Memorial Day weekend feels early this year. It’s the unofficial opening act of summer, yet it’s rarely summer-like weather in late May. And this weekend looks like a mixed bag of sun and rain. So, I’m going to try to do a picnic later this afternoon, then a movie on Sunday.

This cheeseboard, from the blog Half Baked Harvest, is still my inspiration—I love the grilled fruit and pickled balsamic strawberries—always a hit. After reading a review in the The New York Times of  ‘That Summer’, the prequel to the Maysles 1975 documentary ‘Grey Gardens’, I put it on my rainy day list. Directed by Goran Hugo Olsson, this documentary “sheds further light on the Beales with footage shot before the making of ‘Grey Gardens’.” Sounds like a must-see to me.

It Item

Jeans Inspo

When the Louis Vuitton jeans right came down the runway in the SS15 show, I was intent on getting them. But they didn’t fit me properly and I took a pass. However, I still think about how great and timeless they are (my friend Mary still wears her pair often). This pair by Ellery, which is similar, may be the answer.