January 25th, 2022

I 🖤Chanel Haute Couture

From Charlotte Casiraghi riding her horse (and cantering no less) on the catwalk opening the Chanel Haute Couture SS22 presentation, to the lovely wedding dress finale, this is a show to watch. Gorgeous clothes, set design, and music — perfection.

  • Totally off topic, but I’m very curious about the turquoise jewels on your desk. I love to collect vintage pieces.

    bllJanuary 25th, 2022  9:36 AM

  • Thank you for the link, Preston. A Chanel Haute Couture show with Charlotte Casiraghi is exactly what we need right now.

    KimJanuary 25th, 2022  9:59 AM

  • The turquoise jewelry was my mother’s. Even though I don’t wear them, I keep them out.

    PrestonJanuary 25th, 2022  10:50 AM

  • How exquisite! Charlotte on the catwalk on her horse. The color palette of the clothing. The music. All of it. Sublime.
    And then the Dior. Oh my. It’s all so very beautiful.
    Thank you, Preston. Two devine postings back to back.

    GigiJanuary 25th, 2022  11:19 AM

  • Everything about this is perfect. What I love is the classicism in every single look. I think Ms. Casiraghi and her pony’s entrance set a tone of quiet elegance and a calm continuity in fashion. A message sorely needed across the fashion industry. From the shades of blue jackets at the opening to the sweet bride’s small blue bouquet at the close – and all of the fabulous fabrics and colors in-between – I’ve never seen so many gorgeous clothes all in one place!

    PaulaJanuary 26th, 2022  1:38 AM

  • Hi where is the blue vanity case from, I am looking for a new one? Thanks.

    CarrieJanuary 26th, 2022  5:38 AM

  • It’s a Smythson jewelry case

    PrestonJanuary 26th, 2022  5:56 AM

  • Love (adore!) the cut of the jackets, as well as several of the trousers. Fresh, but not fussy. And, the ivory knee-length dress with the front ties… Between this and the Dior show – I hope it bodes a shift to more polished (but not stuffy), elegant, and elevated dressing. Thanks Preston!

    Lisa FJanuary 26th, 2022  8:00 AM

  • I’m confused about the black eye drawn on some of the models. Any insight about what the statement is, Preston?

    Susan C.January 26th, 2022  10:39 AM

  • I agree with Lisa F ~ hopefully couture isn’t the only avenue for women who want to look elegant and elevated. Ready-to-wear, even ‘designer’ labels, have become so over-wrought, to the point of costume design. Even the most expensive labels make a woman look old and rather silly, trying to look young. I could see an 80 year old woman in most of these looks (exception might be the very bare arm/neck/shoulder evening looks), and she would look dignified and elegant and wise.

    PaulaJanuary 26th, 2022  12:42 PM

  • Susan, this is what I read in the NYTs “according to a brand spokeswoman, meant as a nod to the constructivist set by the contemporary artist Xavier Veilhan, but in practice suggested nothing so much as a black eye.”

    PrestonJanuary 27th, 2022  10:57 AM


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