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I just wrote about buying only 5 significant items this year and I’m already eyeing this super chic Saint Laurent bag — it’s only February! This isn’t going to be easy.


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Racer leather slingback pumps


Diamond Tilda 45 embellished patent-leather slingback pumps


Cargo twill midi skirt


Le 5 à 7 Small leather tote bag


Leather penny loafers


Fulman cropped down jacket


Everett leather tote bag


Caged satin minaudière


Vokayo high-rise straight-leg jeans


Laser-engraved logo belt


Belted leather biker jacket


Cropped leather jacket

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Financial Times HTSI

In FT: “Why I’m only buying five new things in 2023”

Firstly, thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday’s post — hugely insightful for me. You know a lot about me sartorially, so it was wonderful to get a sense of your favorite items of clothing. I kept waiting for my friend Gigi to weigh in with her enviable vintage Alaïa collection and will ask if I can take a few pictures to share with you.

In the early days of kic I did a series of posts based on the premise that most folks wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. To counter overbuying I talked about simple wardrobes, a fashion diary, and more recently, #Don’tOverPurge. The goal is to love what you buy and wear it forever. This really comes down to knowing what you will reach for over and over again. I wrote about my shopping rules, which I stick to.

This all brings me to an article in FT titled “Why I’m only buying five new things in 2023” by the publication’s fashion editor, Lauren Indvik. The focus is on sustainability and helping to lessen climate change. Regardless of the impetus for the story, overconsumption is troubling. Last fall I filled an inordinate number of holes in my wardrobe — heck, I’d been wearing the same shoes for 10 years! I rarely buy that much in one season, and there are seasons where I buy little to nothing at all. So, could I limit myself to 5 new purchases in 2023? I try to stay vigilant and mindful of what I buy, but 5 would be tough. Maybe 5 significant new items…

Lauren Indvik’s Fashion Matters newsletter is a must-read.

On My Mind

Konfekt Issue 56: Collecting Clothing

In the recent Konfekt newsletter writer Chiara Rimella muses on clothing obsessions saying “(a) close inspection of anybody’s wardrobe will often reveal its owner’s obsession with a specific item of clothing. Some women have endless rows of tailored white shirts, piles of colourful cardigans or enough sandals for a year-long summer.” Ms. Rimella goes on to admit that her obsession is pyjamas. This, naturally, got me to ask myself — do I collect a specific item of clothing? I love hobos and Nordic socks and own a number of each, but, my true obsession is short sleeve knits. Elbow length sleeves to be precise. A polo collar, crewneck, or V-neck, I’m not picky. This one by Allude is on its way to me — I can’t say no to grey, ribbed wool.

Do you collect an item of clothing?

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Net-A-Porter: Ballet Flats

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with ballet flats, the shoe du jour this past year. However, there are some exceptionally good ones on NET-A-PORTER and I’m going to give them a go. Chloé, The RowKhaite, The Row and in black


The Row Fall 2023

I’ve been studying The Row’s Fall 2023 collection images; the shoes with leather socks above right, especially. The coat, too, is divine. And, I love a tricky look like the one below. Review here.

Officine Générale Men's FW23

Layering Masterclass

These Officine Générale women’s looks, from the recent men’s FW23 show, are a masterclass on layering. The grey with brown accessories is an all-time favored combo.


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Winter Tweak

This is the time of year when I start playing with layering to shake up my everyday uniform. A white cotton turtleneck is such an easy tweak and does so much for so little.

Images NET-A-PORTER and @leandracohen


What Goes Around, Comes Around: Valentino Tan-Go

In 2012 Valentino introduced the Tan-Go pump and I was smitten. I bought them in black patent, beige patent, and tan suede and wore them, without pause, for the next 10 years. Last year I decided it was time to update my beloved Tan-Gos and bought a number of slingbacks. Then, guess what happened in 2022? Valentino reissued the Tan-go! On the new iteration the toe is a tad squarer and the vamp higher, but mine still look good. Trust me, #Don’tOverPurge.

Picture on the right I’m wearing the Cecilie Bahnsen cable-knit vest over an aRossGirl dress.


Chanel SS23 Couture Shoes

I spied these in the Chanel SS23 Couture show that just came down the runway. A slingback loafer with a block heel looks chic and comfortable.

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Ann Mashburn’s Faye Pants

In the comments on my previous post, a few folks reminded me of Ann Mashburn’s Faye pants. Duh, I have a pair in white denim and they are exactly what I’m looking for. While I wait for the black waffle version to come back in stock, I bought a pair in grey. Maybe I’ll figure out a way to wear my Cecilie Bahnsen cable-knit vests with them. I bought the vests in grey and black a few years ago and I’m still struggling with how to style them. Over a black dress has been my best look so far. And, these A Emery sandals are totally random and very cute. If I didn’t have a binful of similar styles, I would have clicked ‘buy’ already.