July 21st, 2010

Fashion Diary

I am not a believer in retail therapy, but there are times when I crave the thrill of picking up something new. As you have probably gathered about me, I think shopping as an activity is a waste of time. I often tag along with a friend, which is great because I buy 90% of my clothes this way. It used to be so simple — when I worked with designers on their shows, I would pre order the pieces I liked from the collection and that was that.

My life now revolves more around working from home, not the runway, so I have come up with a way to curb the splurge urge. I keep a fashion diary.

I often refer to putting something on my list. In my fashion diary I actually have two lists. The first list is for things I want. Each season I go through the collections and cull out my picks. If I like what is offered I will buy a few pieces, if I don’t, I will buy nothing at all. Since I truly believe in personal style and building a wardrobe of evergreen pieces I think it is important that if you see something that you love and know you will wear forever, you should buy it.

The second list covers things I have bought. When I am in a store and debating whether to buy something or not, I can see on this list everything I have purchased over the years and realize that I may not necessarily “need” another pair of brown sandals lets say. Also, if I am feeling as if I have nothing new to wear, I pull out my diary and am reminded of all the lovely things I have acquired in the last few months and the urge is (temporarily) curbed!

  • Wow; I genuinely love this idea.

    I’m definitely a list person, and won’t buy clothes that aren’t on my lists, but the two I carry are “want” and “need.” As in: I want more summer skirts, but I actually need a third office-appropriate sheath dress.

    Over the past year and a half, I’ve been really dedicated to culling/curating my wardrobe, and carrying around a “museum catalog” of sorts sounds incredibly inspiring.

    chrisbeanJuly 22nd, 2010  10:00 AM

  • […] for me re. fall clothes is, do I actually need anything? No, not really. Just one look in my fashion diary and I can quickly confirm that I need very little ( grey wool trousers and black […]

    The Simple Wardrobe | Keep It ChicAugust 21st, 2010  9:39 AM

  • This website is such an elegant and quietly firm antidote to all the fast fashion noise and blogging out there. I love reading someone with such a distinct (and cultivated) point of view.

    I’m going through your archives and it’s such a pleasure.

    Bonus: you write fantastic heds.

    LizaJuly 11th, 2013  10:45 AM


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