July 17th, 2021
On My Radar

Really Random Bits

Eyeliner is beyond my beauty capabilities, however, Chanel claims the Stylo Yeux is easy to apply — I’m game. The recently released Women on Waves: A Cultural History of Surfing by Jim Kempton is on my bedside table. The author’s article in Air Mail is really good. The fanaticism surrounding the Kardashians mystified me until I saw a WSJ. Magazine interview with Kris Jenner — it’s all business. And Skims, the bodywear line launched by Kim and fronted by Kate Moss is pretty brilliant. Sam McKnight’s hair and Val Garland’s makeup on Kate are sublime. I just got back from the Vineyard where, for the first time in my life, I stayed in a hotel. The Charlotte Inn in Edgartown was home for a week and it was wonderful. The bathrooms are stocked with Bulgari au thé vert products and the citrus scent is perfect after a day at the beach — I’m addicted. And, I loved the white boots in the Fendi couture show, happy this trend is sticking around for another season.

  • Love the Charlotte Inn! I’ve been meaning to try Skims – everyone raves about them.

    LisaJuly 17th, 2021  7:08 AM

  • The Charlotte Inn is lovely. We were there earlier this summer and it was perfect as always. One of the nice hotels in Paris (Le Bristol, maybe?) also provides the Bulgari Thé products, so the scent reminds me of Paris. But I’m nearly certain our room at the Charlotte Inn this time was stocked with Hermes eau d’Orange Verte products. Perhaps they have an assortment. Please let me know how the Chanel eyeliner works for you. I find a fine line does make me look prettier, but lately most eyeliners seems to irritate my eyes (perhaps they build up on my contacts?)

    KIC fanJuly 17th, 2021  8:19 AM

  • Chanel Stylo Yeux is easy to use…I’ve been using various colors for years! Victoria Beckham’s eye pencils are also very good…I have recently been favoring them.

    SharonJuly 17th, 2021  8:20 AM

  • Love this post! Whose cream boots are the ones shown?

    fyi-chris jenner is spelled kris. lol

    JKJuly 17th, 2021  11:22 AM

  • Fendi couture boots and thank you for catching the misspelling!

    PrestonJuly 17th, 2021  11:23 AM

  • My last trip to Cape Cod, 1983, we stayed at The Charlotte Inn. We used slide film on our travels, and I have many taken at the Inn and of our room, decorated in blue and white Laura Ashley-esque fabrics and white wicker.
    In an interview with Ms. Kardashian, it was clear she was all-business. I commend her business ability, but I can’t get past the smarm factor, the narcissism, and the exploitation of body and fame from the whole group. It’s possible to have a huge success in life and still maintain honor and integrity. The Kardashians have contributed significantly to the devolving culture we now call normal. I vote with my checkbook and won’t be spending dime one with any of the Kardashians. And, of course, her husband stood by OJ Simpson after murdering his wife and friend. Thumbs down to all of them.

    AnonymousJuly 17th, 2021  4:12 PM

  • Thank you so much for this post Preston. I have ordered the book and I’m excited to read it. As a long time paddleboard and longboard surfer this should be great learning.

    Additionally, thank you for your insight of where to stay when not in a private residence.

    Ellen MarieJuly 17th, 2021  5:53 PM

  • I agree with you about Kris Jenner. I was impressed by her in the WSJ interview. Never a watcher of KUWTK, but she strikes me as a very relatable woman who at the heart is all about family

    AprilJuly 18th, 2021  12:45 PM


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