October 15th, 2021
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Brooke Garber Neidich Inspired

In 2008, Brooke Garber Neidich inherited her father’s Chicago-based fine jewelry business, Sidney Garber. After which, a New York City boutique and e-commerce platform soon followed. Brooke has continued to grow the business and expanded the line for a new generation of customers — women who buy their own jewelry, for example. To honor the company’s 75th anniversary, Sidney Garber recently released a limited-edition, handmade Single Rolling Bracelet and Collana Necklace in 18k yellow gold. The Single Rolling Bracelet is a variation on the iconic Rolling Bracelet – one of the best bracelets of all time.

An ardent philanthropist, Brooke co-founded the Child Mind Institute and sits on the boards of the Whitney museum and Lincoln Center Theater. A tireless fundraiser, she encouraged me to join the annual giving committee at our daughters’ school and emboldened me to make calls. I am not only inspired by Brooke’s impeccable personal style, but her generous spirit, as well.

Brooke donates all her profits to not-for-profit organizations dedicated to children’s mental health, education, the arts, and racial justice.

  • Incredible jewelry, inspirational woman!

    NinaOctober 15th, 2021  10:19 AM

  • She is such an inspirational woman, in every way. I don’t like a lot of jewelry brands, but I’d love anything from Sidney Garber. She is so very generous as well. I have a question for her, albeit a superficial one, if she’s answering…..I’ve noticed that since she let her gray grow in, she seems to be wearing more white gold? In any case, thanks P for posting this.

    KathyOctober 15th, 2021  10:43 AM

  • I’ve put the single rolling bracelet at the top of my wish list. Truly a forever piece. I too am inspired by Brooke’s philanthropy. The Child Mind Institute is near and dear to my heart. Great post!

    LisaOctober 15th, 2021  10:53 AM

  • Oh Preston , so exiting to open my phone and see your post on the site I turn to it for inspiration over and over !
    Thank you ❤️

    Kathy , happy to share that years ago when my hair started going grey I did switch to white gold .
    Eventually I missed yellow and unexpectedly fell in love with rose so now I am happy changing it up .
    best , Brooke

    Brooke Garber NeidichOctober 15th, 2021  1:51 PM

  • I particularly love the father-daughter photo. Adorable! I will drop in next time in Chicago.
    How wonderful to be the steward of a family business. Wishing her all the best!

    PaulaOctober 15th, 2021  7:26 PM

  • Thanks to this post I ambled down to the Madison shop today, made a couple of purchases to celebrate a recent occasion, and got to meet the extraordinarily lovely Brooke herself! So much fun all around. Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful designer!!

    LaurenOctober 27th, 2021  1:09 PM

  • Lauren, this made my day! xp

    PrestonOctober 27th, 2021  1:20 PM

  • Made my day as well , I loved meeting Lauren and didn’t realize until I was sharing Keep it Chic with my sales associates later that afternoon that Keep it Chic was the connection ! Thank you again , Preston !!

    Brooke GarberOctober 28th, 2021  8:57 AM


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