November 5th, 2021

‘Tis The Season To Give Books

These are the books I will be gifting and already have one wrapped and ready for my book club holiday book swap. I’m not going to link to Amazon, please support your local bookstore.

  • I love gifting books, no matter the occasion. I will definitely check all of these out – and your rug is divine! Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineNovember 5th, 2021  9:06 AM

  • Oh William was SO good, thanks for alerting me again that it was out. And thanks for the nudge to buy from our local bookstore, they’re rapidly disappearing and it’s a huge loss. X

    KathyNovember 5th, 2021  10:35 AM

  • I’m convinced that it will be the end of civilization if we lose independent bookshops…

    PrestonNovember 5th, 2021  10:48 AM

  • Second the thought! I support Locust Valley Bookstore and have also discovered Fabled Bookshop in Waco, TX. They do great online programming and their IG account with weekly recommendation stories are helpful. If you find yourself between Dallas and Austin, they’re a great stop right off I35. (I am not at all connected with them btw.) They also do online sales.

    To echo again – support your local booksellers!

    Lisa FNovember 5th, 2021  11:39 AM

  • Preston, I agree with your end of civilization remark. Fortunately in LA independent booksellers appear to be thriving.

    JanetNovember 5th, 2021  12:19 PM

  • Beacon Hill Books and Cafe is opening on Charles Street in Boston early next spring. The historic neighborhood are long overdue for an independent book store!

    JuliaNovember 5th, 2021  6:57 PM

  • Thank you for encouraging the support of local bookstores. Some of my happiest memories from youth were of going to two wonderful little local bookshops, only one of which remains. When they close, they definitely leave a void in the neighborhood that can’t be replaced by quick mail order delivery!

    LeslieNovember 5th, 2021  7:25 PM

  • I am somewhat close to a Barnes & Noble, which is not what you would call an independent book store, but it is a beautiful brick and mortar store with a big kids section and educational toy section. I would hate to see it go out of business ,too. There is nothing like a library or bookstore for browsing on a Saturday afternoon.

    AprilNovember 5th, 2021  10:01 PM

  • Agree wholeheartedly about supporting independent bookstores. They truly are the last bastions of civility!

    SherryNovember 6th, 2021  3:24 AM

  • Diesel Bookstore in LA is fantastic! I pass by there frequently. Thank you for the reminder that books are great xmas gifts!

    jennyNovember 6th, 2021  8:29 AM


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