November 19th, 2021
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Silver Mine

Earlier this week, at an author reading, I spied a woman wearing a spectacular pair of silver sandals. It’s chilly in NYC so she wore them with tights — I was mesmerized. I hadn’t twigged the metallic trend and I rarely go for silver, but at that moment, it looked so right. A pair of silver Belgian Shoes are on their way to me. They could be perfect with trim, cropped black trousers and a black sweater when entertaining at home.

Saint Laurent clutch, Gucci slides, Paco Rabanne chainmail clutch, Ferragamo sandals, Paco Rabanne chain-link belt.

  • This is so timely, I have a pair of silver sandals I was thinking about getting rid of because I haven’t wore them in more than a year. But now I think I will hold on to them a little longer.

    CBNovember 19th, 2021  12:44 PM

  • Wearing silver ankle boots rn!

    joannawnycNovember 19th, 2021  1:28 PM

  • I am so intrigued by this! Were they black tights or nude tights? I know Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t everyone’s style, but she has a way of mixing unexpected tights and sandals that always seem to just work on her. Here is a combination I pictured when reading your post. Also, I’m going down a rabbit hole after seeing all of the love for Belgian Shoes on your recent Instagram post. Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineNovember 19th, 2021  1:47 PM

  • I have a pair of silver prada criss cross sandals with a block heel that i will now be wearing with black tights! Thanks for reminding me!

    LisaNovember 19th, 2021  2:14 PM

  • Her tights were black, I’d try grey.

    PrestonNovember 19th, 2021  2:39 PM

  • All of this!! Wear only silver and have two sentimental bracelets that are permanently attached. I saw a small Prada tote in silver that is haunting my dreams right now. Would love to see your Belgians with grey tights, sounds chic.

    SueMNovember 19th, 2021  3:00 PM

  • Love this blog you give me such inspiration and have unparalleled taste. No one out there with your eye! Thank you

    SLNovember 19th, 2021  3:33 PM

  • I recently bought silver sneakers at Hermes – their ‘Trail’ sneaker – and had buyer’s remorse immediately after. It was like aluminum foil silver. Then slowly started wearing them with all black or all navy pants and a turtleneck and they’re starting to grow on me. Seeing this post is a sign!

    GeorgieNovember 19th, 2021  3:36 PM

  • I’m wearing my silver platform oxfords with everything. Because the are reflecting the colors and light around them, they are reading anything from bright silver to dark metallic grey.

    karenNovember 19th, 2021  8:49 PM

  • Love this and so happy I kept my silver Kate Spade ballet flats with the toe bows.
    Thanks once again for the inspiration !

    SusanNovember 19th, 2021  9:58 PM

  • Those Ferragamo sandals❤️ Perfect with or without tights.
    I must be the only one who detests those Belgians. The cut of them is so unflattering to anyone who doesn’t have delicate ankles.

    BeccaNovember 20th, 2021  7:04 AM

  • I do love silver, but dark tights with sandals? Good for some, not for me…

    SharonNovember 20th, 2021  7:33 AM

  • Love the idea of the silver Belgians!

    Stacey BewkesNovember 20th, 2021  10:31 AM

  • Just picked up a pair of Ferragamo Vara in silver glitter at Nordstrom Rack yesterday. Thinking about wearing it with black trim pants and plaid top for casual get togethers.

    ameeNovember 22nd, 2021  10:30 AM

  • I like the concept of a silver sandal with a black tight, or even better, a pair of gray tights, but I just can’t pull the trigger on that look. (hey, the Sharon’s agree!) I’ve seen sandals styled with opaque tights or fine socks under midi-skirts, and when it’s a dark shoe with a dark sock I’m with you.
    I’m just too much of a coward to rock a metallic sandal! Go forth brave ladies! I’ll cheer you from the sidelines!

    SharonNovember 22nd, 2021  8:54 PM


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