December 3rd, 2021
Summer 2022 Collection

Celine Baie des Anges

The Celine Summer 2022 collection film, shot in Nice, France, is packed with covetable clothes and accessories — this is my favorite Celine collection by Hedi Slimane, yet. And, the shoulder-length hair is perfection.

  • These looks are inspiring! Shoulder length, smooth, and tidy looks polished and sophisticated. I hope the trend takes! Long, straight, hanging, bleached hair (sorry, Gwyneth) is rather adolescent on any woman over 35. I think it’s an American thing. I didn’t notice any middle aged women in Paris or Dublin this fall with ridiculously long hair.

    PaulaDecember 3rd, 2021  8:14 PM

  • I have always had long hair. It grows as quick as a weed and it suits me. But I’m cutting it shoulder-length this week because this image, does indeed, look polished.

    PrestonDecember 3rd, 2021  8:55 PM

  • Great post and I can’t wait to see your new do!

    SusanDecember 4th, 2021  8:46 AM

  • My hair grew very long during the pandemic. I suddenly realized that it was too long (way too long for me to wear it down), so I had 5 inches cut off. It is longer than shoulder length, but much more flattering than before. I think I’ll keep this length, or possibly go a bit shorter.

    SharonDecember 4th, 2021  8:59 AM

  • I love your beautiful hair Preston, and I think it’s a great counterpoint to your polished clothing. I find Paula’s comment offensive – no need to tear down other women to try to make whatever point you’re trying to make. Very unkind and unnecessary.

    KathyDecember 4th, 2021  9:40 AM

  • Ultimately, wearing what suits us is the most stylish. The sixties and seventies sort of ruined my perception of long hair. It’s a gift to have a head of long, healthy hair. 🙂

    PaulaDecember 4th, 2021  11:35 AM

  • Can’t wait to see your new haircut. I cut mine to shoulder length last year. It is naturally curly…I had forgotten because I had long hair for so long. I am really enjoying the new length. I might even go shorter when warmer weather comes. Love, Pamela

    Pamela TaftDecember 4th, 2021  12:37 PM

  • Not finding long hair attractive on most women shouldn’t be construed as an offensive comment. It’s just an opinion, and it’s just hair.

    PaulaDecember 4th, 2021  5:55 PM

  • As with everything, it depends on the person and the hair. I live the hair in the pics but my hair is thick and wavy. When it’s very long it effortlessly has that Gisele look. The look in that picture would double the amount of time it take to leave the house! I’m 49 and not cutting anytime soon.

    EBDecember 4th, 2021  7:19 PM

  • Originating from Europe, but having spent more than half of my life in the American Southwest, I had realized years ago (and with a good deal of amusement) that my short (since youth) crop of dark hair has some meaning to those around me other than the fact that I have fine hair that looks best in a short style :). One of the most fascinating things for me to date is the perception that length of woman’s hair has something to do with her age. Having gone grey recently (could not spend another moment worrying about ‘the roots’), I have found myself in the midst of another opinion-riddled minefield as both ‘fans’ and ‘haters’ abound. The only hopeful thought this gives me is that must mean we are, overall, OK if we have space for this kind of worry!

    IrinaDecember 4th, 2021  9:26 PM

  • I think Preston’s hair looks gorgeous and have long, blonde hair myself despite being well over 40. I don’t take offense at Paula’s comment at all. To each their own. The Celine styling, hair and clothes and all, is impeccable. This blog is the best.

    MaryDecember 5th, 2021  12:39 AM

  • To clarify for Paula and Mary – I took no offense at Paula’s personal preference for hair….I found it unnecessary to name Gwyneth Paltrow. The same point can be made without naming names.

    KathyDecember 5th, 2021  8:06 AM

  • I loved Irina’s comment!!! I had been thinking about letting my hair go back to it’s natural dark brown color from the lighter brown I was having it dyed for over 30 years. I am 68. During the pandemic I cut my hair to shoulder length and stopped coloring it. I had made up my mind that I was just going to be natural! It took 10 months for the color to grow out. The added bonus was that my hairdresser would come to the house and all she had to do was cut it…no color needed. Plus because I don’t have to worry about ‘the roots’, I only get it cut every 10 weeks instead of 5. I LOVE MY HAIR!!! It is dark brown with a lot of gray in it. I wish I had done it earlier. Holiday love to everyone!!!

    Pamela TaftDecember 5th, 2021  12:49 PM

  • I love Irina’s comment too. I am 54 and stopped coloring my hair a few years ago. Now that it is white in the front (and mostly dark in the back) I too receive many comments on my hair- many more than while I still colored it. They are mostly very positive, but occasionally I can see people, including my mother, biting their tongues (or not.) I love the shoulder length hair in this post, as well as the clothing and the location. Nice looks like a dream. Thank you for the blog Preston, I love it.

    LeeDecember 5th, 2021  8:17 PM

  • I have what I call ‘arm-pit hair’ – below the length (or above) looks witchy or dumpy on me respectively. I have a long face so that’s what works. Very long hair on anyone older that a teenager just looks juvenile, to me at least

    SundaeJanuary 23rd, 2022  8:04 AM


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