December 9th, 2021
PF22 Collections

The Row: Long, Lean, & Lavender

Maybe not quite Very Peri, Pantone’s color for 2022, but in the same vein. This The Row PF22 look is lovely and caught my color-challenged eye.

  • Love the color!

    LisaDecember 9th, 2021  7:38 AM

  • I wish there were more skirt and sweater ‘sets’ in matching colours, such as this.

    MMSDecember 9th, 2021  9:02 AM

  • Looks like a color anyone can wear successfully.

    AprilDecember 9th, 2021  12:58 PM

  • You and me both, MMS

    PrestonDecember 9th, 2021  6:56 PM

  • Although I’ve never tried lavender, I have 3 wool knit pieces, in what I call grape, which I have worn forever and always feel good in. With amethyst earrings and a camel suede pump, it’s a happy color.

    PaulaDecember 9th, 2021  11:13 PM

  • I have lavender linen shirts that work so well with brown. As for knits, my aubergine knit sweater and long skirt have been a favorite for years and serve me well, a classic!

    slfDecember 10th, 2021  8:37 AM

  • Completely agree on the sweater and skirt combo – always so chic, simple, yet noteworthy. Lovely color, not one that stands out, but looks wonderful on everyone. Best wishes to all for a pleasant and happy holiday season!

    Lisa FDecember 10th, 2021  11:03 AM

  • Yum!! My favorite color – gorgeous shade of lavender!!


    JaniceDecember 10th, 2021  10:01 PM


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