February 17th, 2022

Peter Do FW22: “The PD Woman is an Outfit Repeater”

Lots of beautifully tailored and wearable clothes in Peter Do’s FW22 collection. The designer spoke with WWD about Donna Karan’s Seven Easy Pieces concept and how he took 18 pieces and created 450 looks. “It’s a new way to think about wardrobe, to just buy a few things and reenergize, and not constantly seek out newness all the time,” he said. “The PD woman is an outfit repeater.” Hear, Hear!

  • Mr. Do is right, but it’s not a new way to think about wardrobe. Normal women have been doing this . . . forever. 😉

    PaulaFebruary 17th, 2022  12:28 PM

  • Very true but it’s nice to hear this from a designer — designers are pushed to produce a new collection every five minutes to keep sales up. Refreshing.

    PrestonFebruary 17th, 2022  1:24 PM

  • It is very refreshing to hear! Not much courage to go against the grain these days, in any area, so hooray for Mr. Do!

    PaulaFebruary 17th, 2022  5:45 PM

  • Great design and shapes. The white blouse/belted black skirt has my name on it! And, yes, it is lovely for a designer to focus on fewer pieces, interesting combination possibilities, and hopefully great quality. Hope more will follow. Thanks Preston!

    Lisa FFebruary 17th, 2022  5:54 PM

  • Beautiful beautiful clothes

    SusanFebruary 18th, 2022  9:17 AM

  • The skirt and belt combos are also calling my name. His ingenious way with accessories is what caught my eye a few years ago and he just goes from strength to strength. Love being a repeater.
    Also Preston, loving the little website refresh.

    SueMFebruary 18th, 2022  2:15 PM

  • Love your quotes in the WSJ — the great advice you’ve been sharing with us for years.

    NinaFebruary 18th, 2022  6:29 PM


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