April 30th, 2022
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Packing Hacks From Wardrobe Icons

My packing process is pretty simple, but not helpful to others: I only take a carry-on, so I don’t take a lot of stuff — only items that I know I’ll wear, and will be happy to wear often. When I saw this excellent list of packing hacks in the W.ICONS weekend newsletter, I had to share. Also, GOOP’s The Rome Guide is spot-on.

  • This is exactly what I do and I only use a carry-on plus à tote, even for 2-3 weeks long trips. I just started using packing cubes and it really helps keep everything organized and even more compacted – it’s great !

    SLFApril 30th, 2022  8:38 AM

  • I am a master packer. Packing cubes have been my friend for years. I am terrible at geometry, but I see space in a suitcase like the best architect…this however, leads to expertly done overpacking. Sigh. I love all of the above and have been working to pair down…it’s the shoes and toiletries that kill me.

    Melissa I.April 30th, 2022  10:06 AM

  • Great tips! I dont like to wear trainers/sneakers when running around. Can you recommend a stylish shoe that’s comfortable and goes the distance?

    LisaApril 30th, 2022  10:18 AM

  • Belgian Shoes’ Travelettes

    PrestonApril 30th, 2022  10:26 AM

  • I use a small rolling rack that I put in my closet. It’s nice to take pieces off and on as I make the outfits… and change my mind! I also take photos of my outfits too.

    CarringtonApril 30th, 2022  10:34 AM

  • I wish I had your discipline Preston but I’m more of a Melissa and constantly waffling on what to use as a carry on. Sitting in an airport departure lounge as I write so I can attest to the pack outfits only rule as I wore none of the random items. Lesson learned. Carry on TBD.

    SueMApril 30th, 2022  2:15 PM

  • Lisa, I don’t wear trainers/sneakers well, so I live in Loro Piana’s suede Charms slip ons – one pair in navy and one in sand, both with a tiny gold charm – cushion, low profile, perfect with pants, jeans, casual skirts. I also can’t keep slides on my feet, so my substitute for a ‘chunky slide’ is a Ferragamo leather 2-strap+sling back block heel sandal. And yes to a nice little kitten heel sleek sandal; or, in cool weather, a closed heel and toe pump (Blahnik’s Maysale pump or an old black suede Prada are my favorite travel pumps).

    PaulaApril 30th, 2022  5:35 PM

  • An anecdote:

    All of the great suggestions above remind of the time my husband and I took a vacation to R. I.
    Since we were driving why not take everything I wanted no matter how many dress bags, etc. that entailed.

    When we were ready to depart, a hotel porter who took everything to the car said,
    ” Oh yeah, I remember you because I saw all those dress bags come in when you arrived.”
    Talk about no editing…

    That’s the first and last time that ever happened.
    After that my motto was: “Pack light. Pack right.”

    Now, I pack a suitcase like Melissa.
    Ditto the freezer – during the Pandemic my husband couldn’t believe
    how I got everything to fit in by knowing how to take advantage of every nook and cranny.

    JaniceMay 1st, 2022  6:20 PM

  • Like Carrington, I use a rolling rack. Loving all the packing tips! thanks!

    CatherineMay 2nd, 2022  2:35 PM

  • Agree with ALL of this. I never ever take more than a carryon + tote; three pair of shoes max including the one for the plane; one color palette (who am I kidding, my whole closet is black, white, and navy anyway); packing cubes always; and Loro Piana slip ons.

    LaurenMay 2nd, 2022  3:16 PM

  • Oh! One more thing – Cadence brand containers for toiletries are the best thing since ice cream. I love them. Total game-changer.

    LaurenMay 2nd, 2022  3:18 PM

  • I needed this. I always check-in and love to bring (and buy!) full-size beauty products. I use packing cubes (love the Muji ones with the double sided mesh versions) and can totally relate to Melissa’s term ‘expert overpacking’. I’ve always wanted to be those elegant people at the airport with just a rolling carryon and a reasonable tote on top. Love all the shoe advice and now on the hunt for the ‘sleek sandals’ on the list.

    To Lisa – navy suede Tods in their classic loafer style were my go-to until a pair of silver Hermes Trail sneakers won me over.

    GeorgieMay 8th, 2022  4:29 PM

  • I’m packing for 11 nights – 5 in Florence, 6 in Cortona. I’m only doing carry on.

    This method is incredibly helpful. I have always packed “light”, as I hate to check a bag, but I’ve never had a proper “method”. I haven’t been hip to the “pack outfits” instead of random pieces suggestion. THAT is great. Thanks. I leave May 23 and am looking forward to beautiful weather.

    Monique JohnsonMay 12th, 2022  12:20 PM


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