May 14th, 2022
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Shopping in the Wild

I don’t like shopping as an activity, but there is a lot to be said for doing just that. While cruising Tod’s men’s department with my husband, I found sunglasses that fit like a charm. I would not have found nor tried them from the website. You have to go to a Santa Maria Novella Farmacia, not just for the memorable experience, but to find the scent you’ll love — then you can order refills online. And, while doing a quick pass through Saint Laurent, I found my dream sandals.  Shopping in the wild is about discovery, and discovery is what makes shopping as an activity fun.

  • Agree about shopping as an activity.
    My best shopping is when I stumble across something I need – therefore want – when least expected.
    Purchase made and I’m on my way, delighted I found coveted item in a matter minutes!

    JaniceMay 14th, 2022  12:47 PM

  • Personally, I feel like shopping in the wild is hit or miss for me. Often I will lust and lust over something online, just to see it in person and be underwhelmed. Other times I will shop in the wild and find a perfect basic I’ve been hunting everywhere for. I’m excited for you and your finds! x Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineMay 14th, 2022  10:26 PM

  • For me, shopping at its best is an education – the pleasure of meeting and speaking with sales associates and hearing first hand about what went into making their products. It was just as special shopping a grand department store or gourmet shop. By comparison, online shopping is just buying.

    PaulaMay 15th, 2022  1:36 AM


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