July 6th, 2022
It Items

Thinking About Fall

A beautifully cut blazer like this one by Gabriela Hearst, walkable pumps, and small earrings are on my fall list. Can’t decide if the hardware on the Valentino slingbacks is too much, or retro in a good way. The shoe shape is perfection.

  • The shoes are retro, but I always like that look. I will always identify the square toe with the 1960s, but unlike the platforms of the ’70s, it never gets old to me.

    AprilJuly 6th, 2022  1:48 PM

  • At first glance I thought they were Gucci. Will always love a square toe, have a pair of Proenza S ankle boots with a square toe that always looks current to me. That blazer is sheer perfection.

    SueMJuly 6th, 2022  5:40 PM

  • I’ve been wanting small studs too and think these are it. The blazer is beautiful and I absolutely love the Valentino slingbacks. So so “you”.

    KathyJuly 7th, 2022  3:48 PM


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