August 22nd, 2022
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Saint Laurent, Sigh

This Saint Laurent bag in white and the patent leather slingbacks are ladylike in a good way. I especially like the hardware on the pumps.

  • My wardrobe consists of Black and White, with touches of Camel, Beige and Navy….
    BUT I have never been able to embrace a white bag and I have no idea why?

    SusanAugust 22nd, 2022  7:45 PM

  • A white bag with a grey coat is one of my favorite combos.

    PrestonAugust 22nd, 2022  8:45 PM

  • The silhouette of the pump is adorable. I especially love the heel, both in shape and height. I also love the skinny sling back strap and low-profile buckle, which is neat hardware. To Susan, in addition to this bag, I would offer for consideration a smaller size (but by no means mini) classic style-white quilted-with-chain-strap Chanel bag. I don’t think they are easy – white bags can come off as nurse-y and look rather cheap.

    PaulaAugust 22nd, 2022  10:53 PM

  • Paula, as a nurse, you made me laugh, because I was envisioning how to incorporate a white Chanel bag into my workday ensemble, lol! Black/blue OR scrubs and a beautiful white Chanel bag – now that would cause some talk in the lounge! xx

    SherryAugust 23rd, 2022  4:02 AM

  • I love a white bag all year round. There is something quietly rebellious about it–especially if it is a quality piece.

    karenAugust 23rd, 2022  8:31 AM

  • These are just perfection -forever pieces.

    Lisa EastmanAugust 23rd, 2022  8:56 AM

  • Thanks for the suggestions:)

    SusanAugust 23rd, 2022  4:14 PM

  • Sherry, my apologies ~ I almost included a ‘with no offense to our beloved nurses,’ in my comment! I imagine you are a chic nurse! Another word I often use is ‘mumsy,’ and of course I’m a mum myself. I just don’t want to actually look ‘mumsy.’ πŸ™‚

    PaulaAugust 23rd, 2022  5:23 PM

  • Paula – no apology needed at all! It was genuinely funny to me because I have said to my mom so many times that a particular pair of shoes, skirt, or dress is too nurse-y. I enjoy your comments and this site, because honestly, there is nothing chic about baggy scrubs! πŸ™‚

    SherryAugust 24th, 2022  2:40 AM


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